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Tinnitus is a perception of ringing in the ears or the head when no outside source is present

Till now there was not too much help available for people with tinnitus. Often times, the patients were offered variety of relief options like

  • Masking with music
  • Hearing aids
  • White noise etc.

However, many patients only choose one of the options which resulted in little help. By recognizing the need for the treatment of every area contributing towards tinnitus we developed our Tinnitus Management Program (TMP) that includes.

  • Sound therapy
  • Desensitization therapy
  • Relaxation therapy
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy
  • Dietary modifications

The uniqueness of our Tinnitus Management Program is that it is a
combination approach that takes the whole individual into account. According to our clinicians about 70-80% of tinnitus cases are hearing related and can be treated with some form of sound therapy i.e. hearing aids, sound desensitizer and sound blending devices. But a holistic approach helps us better treat this condition.
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If you suffer from tinnitus, our clinical team can help you. Our trained clinicians will perform a diagnostic tinnitus evaluation and provide you with appropriate recommendations based on your individual test results and lifestyle.  After the initial diagnostic evaluation is complete, you may choose to pursue our tinnitus management program.

  • Essential Tinnitus Management Plan
  • Advanced Tinnitus Management Plan

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