Hearing Excellence is a holistic hearing organization passionate about improving the hearing health of our communities.

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We Are On A Mission To Keep You HearFIT!

HearFIT Tools are a set of online self-evaluation tools designed to allow users to self-screen, research relevant information at their own pace and learn about options available to them to be HearFIT.


At Hearing Excellence, expect fast, friendly service from any of our qualified staff members to meet your hearing health needs. Whether we’re performing a hearing test, conducting a cleaning, or answering questions, our representatives are knowledgeable and well-informed.


Our dedication to holistic hearing health is our greatest advantage. We’re not just interested in selling you a hearing aid — we want to help you learn about your ear’s health, and provide excellent service for your hearing ability.


We provide high-end recommendations from our partnered brands — some of the world’s premium hearing technology manufacturers. We offer the widest range of hearing technology in Canada, and our commitment to unbiased brand agnosticism is guaranteed.

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Hearing Excellence offers the highest-quality hearing products and services available.

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Full service hearing clinic and noise clinic providing hearing tests, ear wax removal and hearing aid sales and service.