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Hearing Health Equals Brain Health!

Hearing health is important for not just your quality of life but for your brain health.  Studies have shown a clear correlation between brain health and hearing loss.

The hearing solutions our clinics and audiologists provide aim to help improve your hearing, hearing health and quality of life.  Whether you suffer from hearing loss or are looking for some peace and quiet within the noise of a major city or tinnitus relief or an amplified phone or to improve your hearing, we have what you need.

Hearing Excellence is a privately owned company operating hearing clinics that serve the Greater Toronto areas of Burlington, Oakville, Toronto, Scarborough, Whitby and the Woodbridge and Vaughan areas. Our Audiologists and Clinicians are dedicated to providing the highest level of care for people with hearing challenges and tinnitus. Our experienced clinicians and audiologists have access to the latest technology and provide solutions to all your hearing needs. We will offer you the best hearing aids for you, based on your needs assessment.

Why Choose Hearing Excellence?

Highly Experienced Audiologists and Staff

With over a decade of experience in the hearing industry both on clinical and product side. Our clients benefit from this wealth of experience from our audiologists.

Extended Hours

We know you work too, so we offer extended working hours and weekend hours, staffed by both clinicians and audiologists, to accommodate your schedule.

Convenient Locations

We strive to make sure our locations are in highly accessible locations with lots of parking all around the Greater Toronto Area.

Customer Focused Services

We offer a wide range of hearing solutions and services including unique features like Try Before You Buy and 60 day trial period, L3 Year Warranties, affordable financing options and lifetime care!

Highly Knowledgeable in Everything Hearing

Expert knowledge of the latest developments in hearing aid technology and products. Our Audiologists and Clinicians are highly trained and up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Biggest Choice

We carry the most brands and models of hearing aids than any other hearing clinic.  This ensures you get the biggest selection to choose from and biggest selection for our audiologists to recommend based on your lifestyle.

Counselling & Support

We offer exceptional counselling and support.  Hearing loss affects the whole family so we offer Aural Rehab and family sessions as well as full support on how to use the products you purchase from us.

State of the Art Clinics

We offer you state of the art clinics with the latest and best in hearing and testing technology.  Our unique Client Experience room allows you to try new listening devices and hearing aids in real life.

Locate A Hearing Clinic Near You

Appleby Village
5061 New Street, Suite 203
2nd Floor Rexall Building
Burlington, ON L7L 0G1





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Bronte Village
100 Bronte Road, Unit 6
Oakville, ON L6L 3B6



View Oakville Page

700 Markham Road
Unit 3A
Scarborough, ON M1H 2A7



View Scarborough Page

Royal Bank Plaza

200 Bay Street, Lower Concourse level
(Located within MCI The Doctor’s Office)
Toronto, ON M5J 2J3



View Toronto Page

80 Thickson Road South
Whitby, ON L1N 7T2



View Whitby Page

140 Woodbridge Avenue
Block A, Unit 12
Vaughan, Ontario
L4L 4k9





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Some Of Our Hearing Clinic Services & Hearing Solutions

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Hearing Assessments

Hearing tests and assessments from our Audiologists and Clinicians across the Greater Toronto Area.

Receive a hearing test and assessment from our clinicians at any one of our Greater Toronto Area clinics.

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Hearing Aids

We carry the largest selection of hearing aids brands in Canada and we have something for everyone.

If your hearing assessment determines you require a hearing aid our clinicians will help you find the best one depending on your lifestyle and budget.

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Tinnitus Management

Whether you suffer from ringing or buzzing in one or both ears we can help with your tinnitus.

We offer tinnitus management services and products that can help reduce the effects of tinnitus in your life.

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Ear Wax Management

Having too much ear wax can impact your ability to hear clearly in one or both ears.

Our clinicians and audiologists can help manage ear wax and it's effects on your hearing.

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