Covid-19: A Paradigm Shift

Author- Vineeta Ojha, Chief Client Officer, Hearing Excellence


Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

At the time of global crisis. Team Hearing Excellence stands true to its commitment. Come and Experience the Difference.

Difference is not only in the amazing service we deliver when we are serving the clients, but difference is also when our community needs us. I am so proud of Team HEI, even before the authorities started to talk about precautions to be taken to stop the Covid-19 spread. All our clinics had stepped up our screening, sanitization and client service protocols.

The team was ahead of the curve. It was important for us to keep our clients and our TEAM safe. I am so proud of Team HEI,  that even before the authorities talked about social distancing and lockdowns, our team put our client’s and community’s safely before our personal priorities and collectively decided to provide emergency services only.

Now that I have lot’s of time to retrospect the situation, what is happening is not pretty, but it has taught us so much. We humans are fairly adaptable and  tolerant. I am so thankful to our clients who have so well adapted to the circumstances. In the last 3 weeks we have helped over 300 clients and they all have been so thankful, even though the service levels due to restrictions are quite different than normal. I am so thankful to our team members who have come out with innovative ideas to helo our client in need. Through regular conference calls, they have kept our morale’s high and made efforts to stay connected with each other.

On this note, I would like show my deepest gratitude to all HEI clients, I must say, WE HAVE THE BEST CLIENTS EVER. Working with you remotely during these tough times, makes me feel that I am blessed to have you all as a part of our HEI family. So THANK you 🙏🏼 for being AMAZING!

In the end, HEI team members stood strong behind the company and for the clients. I get teary just thinking about all the kindness I have seen from all of you. “ Thank you OUR CLIENTS, and thank you Team A” (as we always called ourselves).

Last but  not the least, Thank you to my little 7 year old monkey (my son), your adaptability and understanding toward needs of HEI is phenomenal! You are a big part of HEI success ! So Thank you !

Together we all will make IT HAPPEN!

Covid-19: A Paradigm Shift
Article Name
Covid-19: A Paradigm Shift
A heartfelt thank you to our clients and to our staff. The pandemic has shaken the roots of our country but together we are stronger than ever.

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