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Better life through counseling

Importance of counseling 

We took time with our patient 

We did not take shortcuts 

Cookie cutter synonym or template 

It is personalized 

Depth of knowledge of clinical, hearing emotional  

Patient and family centric, we took his wife’s concerns into account 


A client came into a clinic that was reluctant to work with a clinician, but with his spouse greatly concerned with his health he forced himself to come. One of our clinical audiologists noticed the client’s behavior and frustrations and took the initiative (methodically and clinical hearing loss emotion and physiological, depth of knowledge and seriously taken by audiologist personalized patient-centric and family-centric centriccentriccentric ) to understand the client’s problems.  

Impact of non-structured information (impact of hearing loss): 

The client communicated to our clinician that he felt slowly isolated from everyone since experiencing his hearing loss. His isolation has led him to have a very little social life, and lack of communication with his family from misunderstandings because of his hearing loss. The clients’ biggest concerns are that this will impact his relationship with his children.  

The client broke down during the session because of the overwhelming emotions of his struggles, but the clinician had the necessary skills to handle this situation, so the client felt comfortable communicating in a safe clinical environment. After further discussion the client was reassured by our clinical audiologists that all his hearing concerns would be taken care of. 

How Hearing Excellence found a solution: 

The audiologists explained the proper hearing test suited for the client, making sure to be transparent in the steps taken in this process. In depth complete diagnostic testing which would include: extended high frequency  

After a proper hearing test, the audiologist carefully explained the client’s results and showed the client the source of their hearing struggles, while discussing the personalized treatment plan lined up to solve his issues. This allowed the client to have a deeper understanding of why he was struggling, while also knowing there was a solution available. His coping strategy is how they can use their hearing aid for the best result 

The audiologist counselled the client on the hearing prosthesis best suited for him. Not only that, our audiologist was also able to answer and counsel the client about his financial concern about the cost of hearing aids. Our hearing excellence team also  

We took into consideration the necessary – aspects of amplification so the patient is succesful in his hearing journey  

At the end of the appointment, because of the because the audiologist was able to build the good rapport, based on trust from the patient, which will enable to make him successful in his amplification journey 

  between the client and the prepared and proper responses of our audiologist, the client was able to confidently leave the clinic and be excited about his hearing journey. 

Hearing loss impacted this client’s cognition, mental activities, and eventually his mental health leading to his social isolation. But with our Indepth hearing evalution and building a trust in the client rapport Hearing Excellence was able to give a clinical evaluation that was able to provide quality of life improvements for the client. Our clinical audiologists work to give this level of experience to every client for every session, so that you can have a brighter smile ear to ear. 

That is Family centric approached and personalized hearing plan –sentence before ear to ear 

 Impacted his quality of life led by his decline/change cognition abilities and his inability to socialize with his family and building a relationship with his grandchildren 

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