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There is more than one way to treat Tinnitus  


This client was hesitant about using a hearing aid as a treatment for his tinnitus. He initially came to our clinic to do an initial tinnitus testing. The client had the expectation that an audiologist would push hearing aids as the only treatment for his problems and so was opposed to it. 

After meeting with our clinician and doing a comprehensive hearing test, the clinician confirmed the client’s hearing loss, but instead of going into hearing aids, she decided to use sound therapy on the patients hearing devices to find the most optimal way the client can benefit from his devices. Sound therapy helps dampen the tinnitus sound by retraining the brain through habituation. 

Impact of non-structured information  

Our clinicians thoroughly explained that even though the client had favorable results with hearing aids, meaning his tinnitus was almost gone with the use of hearing devices, the client could also make lifestyle changes like sound therapy, medications, diet changes, a relaxation routine, and massage therapy, along with the hearing devices for the best results. 

The client discussed his fear of hearing aids and the clinician reassured him that it was more about treating your tinnitus not getting new hearing aids for him. Hearing excellence has a service that provides demo hearing aids to clients for them to test out if hearing aids work well for them before committing. 

How did Hearing excellence provide a solution: 

Through counselling the clinician was able to further assess the client’s lifestyle and eating habits and was able to recommend stress management techniques and diet changes that could reduce tinnitus sound. This resulted in the client being able to reduce his tinnitus sound significantly and be able to enjoy life. 

When the client decided to commit to hearing aids the clinician made sure to recommend the best suited hearing aid for tinnitus management and comfort. The Clinician through hearing device programming was able to make a custom adjustment which allowed the client to manage his tinnitus in the day and night environments.  

With the clinician’s management of the client (even after getting hearing aids), he attested that for 3 days without them he faced no tinnitus sounds just by following his clinician’s instruction on stress relievers and diet change.  

Sadly, the client had to move across the country which was stressful for him but with wireless consultation over the phone and through video chat the client was able to manage his tinnitus sound and confidently leave the house without the worry of being hampered by pain.  

At Hearing excellence, we ensure to give this level of service to all our clients, so they can understand that there is more than one solution to their problems. Our clinicians want to make sure they do not feel trapped into purchasing any product or any service, and so we take time through counselling and our specialized services, to give them a treatment plan designed for them. Our goal is that a patient can leave our clinic with a smile ear-to-ear knowing they can hear better than yesterday.  

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