Hearing Aid Information

It’s important to remember Hearing is a process, not a product.

Our highly dedicated and qualified team members are here to support you to have an excellent experience while you go through this process. Our clinicians have provided the information below to assist you with your hearing aids.  If you don’t see help for a specific need you have please feel free to contact us.

What To Do If Your Hearing Aid Stops Working

Phonak B or V
Hearing Aids

Phonak Audeo Marvel
Hearing Aids

Oticon and Bernafon
Hearing Aids

Custom, Phonak, Unitron or Widex
Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Quick Review

Quick Review of Care 

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Care & Cleaning Brochure

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General Hearing Aid Care Information

What to Expect From Your Hearing Aid

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Exercises to Train Your Hearing

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Hearing Aid Cleaning

Cleaning a Behind the Ear Model

Hot To Clean Micro Models

How To Change Your Batteries

How to Change a Battery

How to Change the Battery in a Micro (RIC) Hearing Aid

How to Change a Dome

How to Change a Dome in a Micro (RIC) Hearing Aid

How To Replace Wax Filters

How To Change a Behind the Ear Wax Filter

How to Change the Wax Filter in a Micro (RIC) Hearing Aid 

How to Use With Phone

How to Use a Phone with Micro (RIC) or Behind the Ear Hearing Aids

How To Wear Hearing Aids

How To Wear a Hearing Aid witha Slim Tube (with Dome)