The most popular questions about Hearing Excellence

In addition to being an essential sense for communication, interaction, and response to everyday stimuli, hearing is integral for balance, awareness, and basic cognitive function. Having your hearing ability evaluated regularly determines your use of this sense, and can help prevent further health issues. If you’re ready to have your hearing evaluated, schedule a hearing test with your local Hearing Excellence representative now!

During your hearing test, a Hearing Excellence representative will first look into your ears to determine if there is any blockage (earwax, etc.), then place a small earphone in your ear to evaluate its health. Once these initial tests are complete, you’ll be placed in a soundproof room, wearing earphones, and be asked to respond to a variety of beeps and words. That’s it! To learn more about hearing tests, or to schedule a test of your own, visit Hearing Excellence’s detailed Hearing Test page or contact your local Hearing Excellence representative today! All hearing tests can be verified with a medical professional outside of Hearing Excellence.

A: Unfortunately, due to the effects that even minute hearing loss can have on bodily functions like balance and cognitive ability, we do recommend that even small amounts of hearing loss be treated seriously. For more information on the seriousness of hearing loss, contact a Hearing Excellence representative now.

A: Even singular personal activities, like listening to music or watching TV, can damage your hearing. You may also be exposed to loud environmental noise, like construction or traffic, which may also cause hearing loss. If you’d like to discuss whether hearing treatment is right for you, contact your local Hearing Excellence representative now.

A: If you don’t keep up with your hearing health, you may suffer from hearing loss or other bodily or cognitive issues stemming from it. Hearing loss can occur at any age, and regular check-ups are important. If you’d like to schedule an introductory hearing test for yourself or a loved one, contact Hearing Excellence now!

A: While various external factors can result in damaged hearing ability, hearing loss is most typically caused by age, ear infections, high noise, poor diet, and ear injury. If you’d like to discuss the causes of hearing loss and how to avoid it further, contact a Hearing Excellence representative now.

A: In senior patients, hearing loss may result in damage to cognitive functions, which could lead to various further mental health issues, including dementia. To keep your hearing health secure and protect against hearing loss-caused cognitive damage, schedule an appointment with your local Hearing Excellence center now.

A: You may want to look into Hearing Excellence’s High-Frequency Testing program — some sounds, such as background noise or certain kinds of speech, may be difficult to hear due to the limits of your range of hearing frequency. High-Frequency Testing may be able to identify your hearing frequency limits, and, if so, Hearing Excellence’s knowledgeable staff will provide you with informed recommendations on how to address them.

A: Tinnitus is a somewhat common hearing affliction that involves a high-pitched buzzing or ringing sound being in otherwise silent situations. Tinnitus is typically caused by hearing damage through high noise, poor lifestyle choices or diet, and age. Hearing Excellence offers a complete suite of tinnitus management and therapy programs to address and treat the symptoms of tinnitus, and offer guidance for how to avoid it.

A: You may be suffering from hyperacusis (or “noise sensitivity”), a hearing health affliction that causes everyday noises to sound louder than usual. Hyperacusis is rare, but can affect anyone at any age, and may lead to further hearing or cognitive damage. To evaluate your hearing sensitivity, and to address the factors of hyperacusis, we strongly recommend Hearing Excellence’s hyperacusis management service.

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