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Hearing Aid Brands

Hearing Excellence is a unique in that it offers the largest selection of hearing aids and hearing aid brands of any hearing clinic in Canada. We don’t limit your choices to only one or two manufacturers and instead our audiologist or hearing aid specialist will run through all the best options for your specific needs.  There are several hearing aid brands to consider and each offers their own pros and cons.  If you click on any hearing aid manufacturer below you will find out more about that hearing aid brand that includes how long they have been manufacturing, what advantages and disadvantages they have and what their strengths are.  Depending on your hearing loss and level of technology you desire different hearing aid brands are better than others.  For instance if you wish the latest in bluetooth connectivity and smartphone pairing then Oticon or Phonak are better options.  If you live in the world of music or enjoy music then Bernafon might be a better option of hearing aid brand.  This is why our hearing aid specialists will ask you many questions about your lifestyle and interests so they can help pair the best hearing aid brand to your needs.

Which Hearing Aid Brand Is Best for You?

Each brand has it’s on unique history, products and accessories. Which is a best fit for you personally will depend on a few factors:

  1. What type of hearing aid you want as not all manufacturers make all styles. If you aren’t sure check our this page for more information on the types of hearing aids.
  2. Your budget or if you are considering financing, we have some great and flexible financing options.
  3. What your lifestyle is like. How busy are you? Do you engage in a lot of activities? Outdoor activities? Group activities? Work in a loud environment? Plus many other factors that impact the decision more than you would think.
  4. Accessories or features that are important such as connecting with your smart phone, connecting with your TV, specialized phones if you talk a lot on the phone, microphones for meeting rooms and many other very innovative accessories.

The Hearing Aid Brands We Have to Offer You:

Phonak is one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers with the largest market share they have been manufacturing quality hearing aids for 70 years. They offer a full range of all hearing aid types and across all price points including In-The-Ear (ITE), Behind-The-Ear (BTE) and Receiver-In-The Canal (RIC) styles..  They have standard hearing aids to industry-leading and cutting-edge technology and offer a great line of accessories that enhance their hearing aids.

Learn More About Phonak

Oticon is another large hearing aid brand that first started in 1904 and has a long history of offering the best in hearing aids.  They focus on the importance of hearing and brain health and pioneering a quality product that will help with overall brain health. They carry a wide selection of hearing aid types and offer standard to industry-leading technologies as well as several accessories to enhance your hearing aids.

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Bernafon is a Swiss based hearing aid manufacturer owned by the parent same company as Oticon, they have over 60 years history in providing quality products to the public.  Focusing on a smaller product range, they offer Swiss precision and manufacturing along with advanced features like Bluetooth and phone connectivity.  Despite the smaller lineup of hearing aids they still offer all hearing aid types.

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A Danish based hearing aid manufacturer that dates back to 1943, ReSound GN has focused on technology and delivered a number of hearing industry firsts. They also focus on a smaller product line but still offer the variety of hearing aid types.  They also provide an innovative line of hearing aid accessories to enhance the hearing experience and focus on connectivity and sound quality.

Learn More About Resound

Formerly Siemens, Savantos is also merging with Widex (mentioned below) to become a big hearing aid brand in the market.  Their base is built on the experience and technology of Siemens and sell under the brand Signia which launched in 2016.  They carry a large line of hearing aid models and types for all price ranges and can include leading technology such as rechargeable batteries and smart phone and tv streaming technologies.

Learn More About Signia

Starkey Hearing Aids

This hearing aid manufacturere was established in 1967, they are well known in hearing because of their Starkey Hearing Foundation that has donated over a million hearing aids globally. They carry a large range of hearing models as well as all hearing aid types and focus on innovation being the first manufacturer to make a Completely-In-The-Canal hearing aid.

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Unitron, a Canadian hearing aid manufacturer and brand that is owned by the same parent company as Phonak and has placed their importance on connecting people through hearing and working collaboratively with clinics and audiologists to enhance the customer experience.  They focus their products around hearing needs and take a holistic approach to design.  They offer a selection of different hearing aid models as well as different types as well as a line of accessories to enhance the hearing aid product.

Learn More About Unitron

Getting it’s start in the 1940’s in Denmark, Widex is a hearing aid brand that has become a global player in the hearing aid industry.  They focus on quality products with innovative and cutting-edge technology.  They offer e a wide range of hearing aids and styles including smart hearing aids.  They also focus on creating the most natural sound possible with a hearing aid which has created devote followers of their products.

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