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Hearing Aid Care 101

Hearing devices are very effective, reliable, durable and easy to use. They are designed to be worn comfortably all day. To get the full benefit of your hearing devices, our clinician will recommend you to wear them as frequently as you possibly can. If you require two hearing devices, we recommend you always wear both because:

  • You will see an improvement in your ability to localise sounds
  • It will be easier to understand speech in noisy surroundings.
  • You will experience a fuller, more comfortable sound picture

Hearing aids are manufactured with tiny electronic components and complex circuitry. As with other devices, it is important to treat your hearing device with care in order to keep it in working order for many years and minimize potential problems during everyday use. Hearing devices may be sturdy, but like other electronic devices they cannot withstand improper use.

Tips to Preserve, Protect & Optimize Your Hearing Device

Protect your hearing devices from dirt

Always make sure that your fingers are clean and dry before touching your hearing device. The microphone is extremely small and can become blocked by dust or dirt.

Protect your hearing devices from moisture

Like any other type of electronic device, you should keep your hearing aid away from high humidity. Clean your ears occasionally before inserting the hearing devices but note that moisture and condensation may damage the electronics in your device. We recommend removing the battery from the device at night and leaving the battery compartment open. Also, use a special drying aid available in our clinics.

Keep the devices away from children and pets

Please keep your devices out of the reach of children and pets to avoid moisture, dirt, and any potential damage.

Avoid contact with hairspray or make-up

The fine particles of hairspray or powder make-up may clog the microphone and other parts of your hearing aid. Remove your hearing devices before using body care products.

Use hearing aid products and accessories to care for your device

In order to be fully functional, your hearing devices need to be clean at all times. Clean the devices with a soft, dry cloth. Never use alcohol, solvents or cleaning agents. Special hearing care products for your hearing devices are available at our clinics.

Leave all repairs to an expert

Screwdrivers and oil are the enemy of all hearing devices. If they come in contact with the electronic or micro-mechanical systems, it may lead to irreparable damage. The technology in your hearing device is very sensitive and needs proper handling. See our trained clinicians for any hearing aid repairs or assistance.