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If you aren’t sure about what hearing aids you want, what features you want or what style then why not try before you buy.   

If you have never had hearing aids this is a great way to see how they will impact and better your quality of life.  

If you have had hearing aids it’s a great way to test new features you have never utilized or newer technologies that may not exist in your current hearing aid


The first step is to sit down with one of our clinicians who will proceed to learn a lot about you and your needs.  

The questions they ask about your lifestyle and hearing needs are very important to pair you with the best hearing aid for you.  

Each brand, each model and each style offer different features and different benefits for different people.  

For instance, if you like music some hearing aids are better suited for music than others or if you attend a lot of meetings then you need omni directional mics over the models that include a line of site mic. 

Your clinician will take the time to learn all your needs and use their vast hearing aid knowledge and make a few recommendations of which brands, models and styles would be best for you and in your budget.

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Typically you will be given the Behind-The-Ear model with the features and technology level in the brand and model that was determined by you and the clinician.  

The reason you are given this specific style is that In-The-Ear styles require molds of your ear to be taken and for hearing aids to be made just for your ear.  

Obviously these styles are not available to demo, however the Behind-The-Ear model in the same brand, model and has the same features will sound and work virtually the same as an In-The-Ear model and still present you with a working example on which you can base your decision.


The quick answer is no. The hearing aids will be set to a ‘comfort’ setting.  Because they aren’t your fully prescribed hearing aids they will be programmed to improve your hearing but not to the full prescription it needs to be because you typically need to gradually increase to that level allowing your brain time to adjust. 

Think of it as taking a powerful medication where you gradually increase to the proper dosage. The demo pair will be set to show you an improvement but still won’t be reflective of the full hearing aid programming you require.