Hearing Aid Features

We’ll Find You the Best Fit to Raise Your Hearing Health

Hearing aids and hearing technologies continue to advance dramatically.  The wide variety of hearing devices available today allows us to provide you with a personalized solution to improve your hearing, communication and overall quality of life.

3 Main Features of Hearing Devices 

1. Invisible Hearing Aids – Out of Sight, Out of Mind 

Designed to fit your lifestyle, the latest solutions are practically invisible.  These devices are not only invisible to everyone else, but are so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

2.  Automatic Hearing Aids that Adapt to Your Surroundings  

Modern hearing devices are designed to adapt automatically to your surroundings so that you can remain confident all day long.  No need for switches, buttons or controls.

3.  Wireless Capabilities – Connectivity is key. 

Think of your hearing devices as your communication hub.  With an abundance of products. the right one is waiting for you.  Direct, user-friendly connection to your telephone, television, MP3 player or iPod, your tablet and more.  Imagine answering your phone with the touch of a button and being able to hear clearly and easily through both ears.

4 Main Styles of Hearing Aids

  1. Invisible in the Ear
  2. In the Ear
  3. Receiver in the Ear
  4. Behind the Ear