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Sometimes people are hesitant about having their hearing tested because they have unpleasant memories of a grandparent wearing bulky, unattractive hearing aids that made embarrassing whistling noises and constantly needed adjustment.

However it’s no longer the case.  Even in just the last few years hearing aids have evolved far beyond 5-8 years ago. Today’s hearing devices are virtually invisible yet powerful enough to be personalized to improve your very own communication and your quality of life. With modern solutions available in a wide range of styles, sizes and capabilities, hearing devices have never been better.

Our hearing clinics located across Toronto including Burlington, Oakville, Toronto, Scarborough, Vaughan and Whitby can all provide you with personalized service in choosing the best hearing aid type, hearing aid brand and features based on your lifestyle, budget and assessment.

Background Noise

Hearing Aids can help to reduce the background noise in loud environments like restaurants or parties.

Hearing Speech

Listen without straining and some hearing aids improve high pitched and soft speech.

Invisible Sizes

Hearing aid size has change dramatically while also increasing in features and functionality.

Advanced Technology

Advanced features such as sound location, feedback reduction, speech recognition, tinnitus relief and much more.

Smartphone Connectivity

Control your hearing aids from your smartphone with features such adjusting for calls, tv or locating misplaced hearing aids.

Rechargeable Batteries

Some models are now available with rechargeable batteries and convenient charging and storage cases.

Financing Is Available

Are you worried about the cost of your hearing aid?  We offer flexible financing options.

How We Help

With access to leading technologies from around the globe, our trained audiologists and clinicians from our Toronto based clinics will ensure you get the best technology that is right for you. Hearing Excellence is a client centric not a product centric organization, hence we do not promote any particular manufacturer and that allows us to offer you the largest selection of hearing aid brands than other hearing clinics. For that reason, our clinicians are able to get you the hearing device that is best for you. Through an assessment to determine your lifestyle and hearing needs they can recommend the best hearing aids for your needs and budget.

We will also ensure you get the most out of your hearing device and offer the following to ensure you love your hearing aids.  Because if you don’t love them, you probably won’t wear them:

Sound Escape Room (SER): SER is an integral part of our counselling where our clinicians will let you experience your hearing device in everyday situations where you need to communicate. Everyday sounds are created right in our clinics. You will feel the difference when you first wear your new device, and we can adjust your hearing devices to their optimal settings while you are still in the clinic.

Trail Periods and Warranties: We pride ourselves with one of the highest hearing aids acceptance and usage rates in the industry. Our clients get to try their hearing devices in real life situations before they make a purchase. Also, warranties for the hearing aid components are included at no extra cost, along with coverage for loss and damage.

Hearing Aid Repair & Care:  Bring any make or model of hearing aid and we’ll be happy to service and repair it for you. Or if you need it reprogrammed or cleaned we are here to assist you.

Assistive Listening Devices: Modern hearing aids offered by Hearing Excellence are often complemented with Assistive Listening Devices that are compatible with them. For example, amplified telephones can help produce clear quality of sound. Most modern hearing aids are compatible with Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones and televisions. We will train you or your family members on how to connect your communication devices with your hearing aids.

Battery Club: Please join us our battery club and start saving.

We Offer The Largest Selection of Hearing Aid Brands in Canada

Hearing Aids By Type – Click Any Type To Learn More

Available in all our Toronto Hearing Clinics

Hearing Aids by Brand – Click Any Brand To Learn More

Available in all our Toronto Hearing Clinics

If you have been to other hearing clinics you may know that they only offer a few brands at their location.  We don’t have any affiliation or connection to any particular brand and therefore can offer you the best hearing aid that fits your needs, no matter which model, from which brand, as we carry them all!  So when we say will will truly find you the best hearing aid for you, we mean it.

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