Bernafon Hearing Aids


Bernafon is a Swiss based manufacturer owned by the parent same company as Oticon, they have over 60 years history in providing quality products to the public.  Focusing on a smaller product range, they offer Swiss precision and manufacturing along with advanced features like Bluetooth and phone connectivity.  Despite the smaller lineup of hearing aids, they still offer all hearing aid types including In-The-Ear (ITE), Behind-The-Ear (BTE) and Receiver-In-The Canal (RIC) styles.

Bernafon Hearing Aid Features

Bernafon prides themselves on having advanced features in it’s smaller selection of hearing aids.  These include:

  • Connectivity to devices around you that allows for streaming, wireless phone calls and more through the iPhone connection or through Bluetooth.
  • Dynamic speech processing to help amplify speech and reduce background noise to ensure no matter the situation that speech is clear.
  • Tinnitus support so that sound amplification is adjusted to accommodate tinnitus symptoms
  • Focus on comfort with ergonomic designs that are light weight but don’t diminish sound quality
  • The ability to connect with nearby devices in a way that doesn’t drain battery life.
  • No fumbling with small batteries as the offer rechargeable models with a stylish rechargeable stand

Bernafon Hearing Aid Accessories

Like Oticon they offer a remote to control to discreetly raise and lower the volume and a TV streaming device, so it can connect to a tv.  Despite it’s connectivity capability there is also the ability to purchase a Sound Clip which helps to stream all phones and to aid in various situations a mic to help in very noisy environments.

Is Bernafon the Brand For You?

Benrafon offers technologically advanced hearing aids that focus on connectivity to other devices around you, however they offer fewer models to choose from than other brands.

Which model and which type is where our hearing specialists can help.  Based on important factors such as your lifestyle, activities, work life, home life, social interaction and what type and left of hearing loss you have will impact which hearing aids are best for you based on your preferences and budget. Why not meet with one of our specialists in one of our offices around Toronto.


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