Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon hearing aids

Oticon has a very long history and is one of the oldest hearing aid companies, being established in 1904.  The founder’s wife suffered from hearing loss and has been the foundation of care and empathy they have established a company that has a presence not just here in Toronto and Canada but globally.

Oticon is a big advocate on the correlation between hearing and brain health.  They have long advocated that diminished hearing can affect cognitive function and has an impact on Alzheimer’s and more. They have very detailed information on their site.

Oticon Hearing Aid Features

Oticon like Phonak offers a wide range of styles and models with standard to advanced features. Because of their dedication to brain health many of their features are around the sound of the hearing aid and clarity of speech. Note: Not all the features below are available in all Oticon hearing aids

  • Speech Rescue helps to take higher frequency letters and copy them into a lower frequency to make them easier to hear.
  • Oticon offers a feedback shield to help reduce the sometimes-annoying feed back from whistling or wind without compromising on quality of sound.
  • Speech Guard technology to help delivery the right amount of amplification to speech to ensure it’s clear and retains the natural nuances of speech.
  • Advanced noise cancelling to help reduce background noise in loud environments like restaurants or bars.
  • Discreet to almost invisible designs for behind-the-ear models that are slimmer and lighter.
  • Personalization through their exclusive app that helps to control and adjust settings on your hearing aid.

Oticon Hearing Aid Accessories

Oticon offers several accessories that can enhance your hearing aids like a remote to raise and lower volume discreetly.  A TV adapter streams from the TV to your hearing aids so you can listen at the volume you would like separate from your family.  There are also accessories that allow for hands free calls or the ability to tap into a smart home system.

Is Oticon the Brand For You?

Like Phonak, Oticon offers a large choice of hearing aids and types for mild to severe hearing loss.  Their focus is on improving speech in all situations and lifestyles and offer several advanced technical features.

Which model and which type is where our hearing specialists can help.  Based on important factors such as your lifestyle, activities, work life, home life, social interaction and what type and left of hearing loss you have will impact which hearing aids are best for you based on your preferences and budget. Why not meet with one of our specialists in one of our offices around Toronto.

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