Sivantos – Signia Hearing Aids

Formerly Siemens, Sivantos is also merging with Widex (mentioned below) to become a big player in the hearing aid market.  Their base is built on the experience and technology of Siemens and sell under the brand Signia which launched in 2016.  They carry a large line of hearing aid models and types for all price ranges and can include leading technology such as rechargeable batteries and smart phone and tv streaming technologies.

Signia Hearing Aid Features

Signia focuses on sound quality being as natural as possible and carries right through to the creative way they showcase each model.  Different models offer different features but below is a list of some of them from the various models:

  • Crystal clear sound that sounds a natural as possible whether it’s in a loud and crowded environment or at home with family.
  • Focusing on size models are comfortable and discreet without compromising on sound quality.
  • Models cover a broad range of hearing loss from mild to severe
  • Smart phone app to help control settings on the hearing aid instead of trying to press small buttons to control volume etc.
  • Direct streaming of phone calls, music and tv allowing your hearing aids to work like wireless headphones.
  • Rechargeable batteries to add convenience and cost savings.

Signia Hearing Aid Accessories

In addition to a wide range of accessories like a TV streaming device, a mic and a dehumidifier, they also offer easyTek a technology and system that allows for streaming of multiple devices and the ability to control which device you accept streaming from.

Is Signia the Brand for You?

Signia offers a range of standard to advanced models of hearing aids and a variety of hearing aid types including Receiver-in-the-ear, Behind-the-ear and In-the-ear types. They also offer models that work with all levels of hearing loss and the largest assortment of accessories than any other brand.

Which model and which type is where our hearing specialists can help.  Based on important factors such as your lifestyle, activities, work life, home life, social interaction and what type and left of hearing loss you have will impact which hearing aids are best for you based on your preferences and budget. Why not meet with one of our specialists in one of our offices around Toronto.

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