Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron is owned by the same parent company as Phonak and has placed their importance on connecting people through hearing and working collaboratively with clinics and audiologists to enhance the customer experience.  They focus their products around hearing needs and take a holistic approach to design.  They offer a selection of different hearing aid models as well as different types as well as a line of accessories to enhance the hearing aid product.

Unitron Hearing Aid Features

Unitron doesn’t carry a large selection but the ones they do carry have great features to offer including:

  • Behind-the-ear design and fit so that they are lightweight and discreet and available in a range of colours to blend with hair or skin colour.
  • Never miss out on a conversation with great noise cancellation and speech amplification regardless of the environment.
  • Rechargeable batteries for easy charge and go use.
  • Smartphone and tv streaming functions to use your hearing aids as wireless headphones.

Is Unitron the Brand for You?

Like Bernafon, Unitron only offers a few models of hearing aids but offer all Behind-the-ear and In-the-ear types focusing on quality hearing aids that are simple and easy to use and integrate easily with everyday life.

Which model and which type is where our hearing specialists can help.  Based on important factors such as your lifestyle, activities, work life, home life, social interaction and what type and left of hearing loss you have will impact which hearing aids are best for you based on your preferences and budget. Why not meet with one of our specialists in one of our offices around Toronto.

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