Hearing Camps

Hearing is one of the five senses and is critical in understanding the world around us. It also involves a very complex process of picking up sounds and attaching meaning to it. The human ear is one of the most fully developed parts of the body that is present since birth. Even before birth an infant can respond to sounds, particularly in the womb of the mother. When we hear, sound travels down the ear canal striking the eardrum and causing it to move or vibrate. The complex tiny structures in the ear turn these vibrations into electrical signals and these signals then travel to the brain. The brain hence interprets these electrical signals into sound.

Often, we have trouble hearing and we do not even realize that there has been a reduction in hearing because it is quite easy to ask someone to repeat or turn up the volume of the TV or simply ignore. But untreated hearing loss has a huge impact to overall health.

To make it easy for our community to understand hearing and hearing loss, we conduct screening camps in medical offices, pharmacies and other public places. This is a great platform for you to get a FREE hearing screening, ask us any questions you might have.

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