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Our Burlington area hearing clinic offers a local audiologist and clinician staff to care for all your hearing needs.  Our Audiologist and clinician staff can assist you with hearing tests and assessments, hearing aid fitting, as well as hearing aid care and repair to ear protection recommendations and much more. With the latest equipment, our audiologists in the Burlington clinic will be able asses the health of your ears and your hearing levels and should you require it recommend solutions, therapies or hearables to improve your hearing.

Most don’t realize the scope of an audiologist?  They not only help in the assessment of hearing loss but also are trained for pediatrics, central auditory processing disorders, earwax management and much more.

While visiting our Burlington clinic our Audiologist and clinicians will provide you with a hearing test and provide you with an assessment based on your test and determine your hearing loss or hearing issues and recommend hearing solutions depending on what the tests and questions reveal.  For some, it may be a simple ear wax cleaning or for some, it might be Tinnitus therapy, and others may benefit from or require hearing aids.   Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be with you and walk you through every step of your assessment.


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Our Audiologist and clinician team are highly experienced and knowledgeable and truly want what’s best for you.  Our Burlington clinic is regularly involved with the community and retirement community and is very proud of the great reputation Hearing Excellence hearing clinic has in the city.

In addition to amazing staff, our hearing clinics are the only ones in Burlington and Toronto to offer you a full selection of products including hearing protection, hearing assistance products (such as TV listeners and amplified phones), quality hearables and the largest selection of hearing aids.  Why be restricted in your choice and if hearing aid prices are a concern we can assist with affordable and flexible financing options.

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