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Where to Buy Hearing Aids in Burlington

If you are in need of buying hearing aids in Burlington, then our clinicians and Audiologists can certainly help answer all your questions and determine the best hearing aid that not only meets your budget but also meets your hearing loss needs and more.

Why We’re Different

There are a few places in Burlington you can buy hearing aids but there is no other that can offer you the selection we can.  Most other hearing clinics in Burlington don’t carry all the brands, like we do.  Why be limited in choice? Not only do we carry all the major brands like Phonak, Oticon and Starkey we also carry the largest selection of hearing aid types and models.

We also support your new hearing aid through step by step setup as well as being your source for batteries, care and repair.

Hearing Aids For Sale

Hearing Aid Advice

Navigating the way to the right hearing aid for you isn’t easy.  Our hearing implement specialists, clinicians and audiologist are here to advise you.   Not only do you have the choice of brand, features, pricing, there is also which type of hearing aid do you want, invisible, behind the ear, in the ear.  There are so many choices and it can be overwhelming.  This is where we step in. With a few questions about your lifestyle and budget and combining that with your hearing assessment our clinicians can recommend your best options from several brands to ensure you get a quality hearing aid that will serve you best.

Your Hearing Aid Fitting

Once you and our Burlington clinician have choosen the best hearing aid to fit your hearing loss needs, lifestyle and budget they will “prescribe” them by ordering them from the manufacturer.  Once they arrive they will programme and custom fit the hearing aids to your specific hearing loss.   A custom fit sounds like they will be adjusting how the hearing aid fits in your ear, but it’s actually something different.  A custom fit is adapting the hearing aid to amplify the right frequencies to balance out your specific hearing loss. In addition to this custom fitting we also measure that we have the correct settings with what is called a Real Ear Measure.   Did you know that only 30% of hearing clinics perform Real Ear Measuring!  It ensures the hearing aid accurately matches your hearing loss in a real world application by measuring the sound amplified infront of a speaker which plays different hearing scenarios.

What does this mean to you and why do we go this extra step?  It means your hearing aids will be more accurate adapted to compensate to your hearing loss in real world hearing scenarios.  Think of it as the equivalent of having glasses where the lenses match your exact prescription and aren’t just a best guess of what your vision needs.  The better performance of your hearing aids ensures your are more satisified with your hearing aids and will be more likely to wear and enjoy them.  Wearing your hearing aids regularly is a large obstacle to overcome by many who are prescribed hearing aids.  If you go a prolonged time without wearing them, once you do decide to wear them again the difference in volume can be a bit overwhelming and only bolsters the decision to stop wearing them.  So ensuring you are satified with your hearing aids is critical to ensuring prolonged use and maximum benefit.

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