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Our Burlington area hearing clinic is a full-service hearing clinic for all ages and has been proudly serving the Burlington area for many years.  

We offer a modern and inviting clinic that utilizes the latest technology and equipment for hearing assessments and hearing aid fittings.

It is a full-service hearing clinic that can help with all the same services as our other clinics including hearing assessments, hearing aid sales and repair, ear wax treatment, and more

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Our experienced and friendly staff and modern and inviting clinic are here to make sure your visit is as comfortable as we can make it.








Appleby Village

5061 New Street, Suite 203 2nd Floor Rexall Building Burlington, ON L7L 0G1

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Mon - Fri 9 am - 5pm Saturday - Closed Sunday - Closed

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In addition to hearing tests, we carry a full range of hearing-related products which can include hearing protection to hard-of-hearing specific products such as amplified phones, loud alarm clocks, hearing aids, and more.

Hearing Aids

Here you will find all the brands of hearing aids available to you, not just a few.  We work with all the major manufacturers including Bernaphone, Signia, Widex, Phonak and more.  We don’t believe in restricting your choice in any way so you will also find all models of behind the ear and in the ear hearing aids.  We will work with you to find the best hearing aid for your specific hearing loss needs, needed features and of course, your budget.  We also work with WSIB, insurance companies and offer financing to make sure you get the best hearing aid for your needs.

Hearing Protection

If you are exposed to loud noise on a continual basis we believe you should protect your hearing before you are here looking for a hearing aid.  We offer a wide range of hearing protection options including the revolutionary QuietOn electronic noise-canceling earplugs.  No matter the environment or noise level we have something to protect your hearing.  We can even provide a baseline hearing assessment and recommend a yearly test to make sure your hearing protection is working for you.

Tinnitus Relief  and Therapy  – Ringing In Ears

Sadly there is no cure for tinnitus however with the therapy you can reduce its impact on your life.   Our clinic has developed a comprehensive tinnitus therapy plan that takes a wholistic approach to the ringing in your ears to help lessen it.   You can also read more about tinnitus in our What is Tinnitus, Causes of Tinnitus, Tinnitus Remedies & Relief , and Tinnitus Management sections.