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If you are in the market to buy hearing aids in Oakville, we are here to help.  Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to find the best hearing aid brand and style to meet your needs.  We also offer price matching and promotions to help with the cost of your hearing aids.

We pride ourselves in our service, care and selection that we offer those looking to purchase hearing aids in Oakville or the surrounding areas.  From the assessment to the hearing aid recommendations to the fitting and set up, we are with you every step of the way ensuring you are happy with how your hearing aids work.  We know if you aren’t, then you are less likely to wear them and lose the benefit that hearing aids can bring to the quality of your life and your brain health.

Why Buy a Hearing Aid From Our Oakville Clinic

There are many hearing clinics in Oakville to choose from but we are the ONLY clinic that can offer you a complete selection of hearing aids from over 8 different manufacturers such as Phonak, Oticon and more.  In addition to those brands, we offer all those manufacturers different models and hearing aids by type including behind-the-ear, invisible and in-the-canal and more.

Why limit yourself to only a few brands and a few models, you wouldn’t buy glasses like that or a tv like that so why buy your hearing aids that way?

Hearing Aids For Sale

Experienced Hearing Aid Advice

Our highly trained and knowledgeable clinicians and audiologists will also ensure that you choose the correct type and model for your lifestyle and with our wide selection, we have something for everyone regardless of your hearing loss, tinnitus, lifestyle and budget.   We are also here to setup and program your hearing aid, in increments if needed. as your brain adjust to hearing new sounds for the first time in a while.

Hearing aids do range in price, you can learn more about the various hearing aid prices here.  If you are worried you may not be able to afford your hearing aids, we offer flexible and affordable financing.  Please don’t hesitate to stop by or book an appointment with our audiologist and clinician team in Oakville!

Your Hearing Aid Fitting

The clinical team will work with you to determine which hearing aid is best for you based on your hearing loss needs, lifestyle and budget. Then the audiologist will “prescribe” them by ordering them from the manufacturer.  Once they arrive they will programme and custom fit the hearing aids to your specific hearing loss meaning programming it to amplify the right frequencies to balance out your specific hearing loss. In addition to this custom fitting we also measure that we have the correct settings with what is called a Real Ear Measure.   Did you know that only 30% of hearing clinics perform Real Ear Measuring!  It ensures the hearing aid accurately matches your hearing loss in a real world application by measuring the sound amplified infront of a speaker which plays different hearing scenarios.

What does this mean to you and why do we go this extra step?  It means your hearing aids will be more accurate and adapted to compensate to your hearing loss in real world hearing scenarios.  Think of it as the equivalent of having glasses where the lenses match your exact prescription and aren’t just a best guess of what your vision needs.  When your hearing aids perform better you are more likey The better performance of your hearing aids ensures your are more satisified with your hearing aids and will be more likely to wear and enjoy them.  Wearing your hearing aids regularly is a large obstacle to overcome by many who are prescribed hearing aids.  If you go a prolonged time without wearing them, once you do decide to wear them again the difference in volume can be a bit overwhelming and only bolsters the decision to stop wearing them.  So ensuring you are satified with your hearing aids is critical to ensuring prolonged use and maximum benefit.

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