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Hearing health is very important and we believe that being tested every year is critical of the overall well-being. Hearing loss and correlation to different health issues is now becoming identified such as Dementia and cognitive brain health as well as health issues that are the cause of hearing loss are being discovered with Cardiovascular health issues and Diabetes.

Where Can I Get a Hearing Test in Oakville?

Right at our clinic in Oakville.  We can provide hearing tests for all ages.  We offer extended hours on Thursday to try to accommodate all schedules.  Hearing tests and assessments typically take about an hour.   You can learn more about the hearing test process below.


Hearing assessments and testing in our Oakville clinic will begin with our experienced clinicians asking some questions about what situations you might be experiencing difficulty hearing in (restaurants, work etc), sounds you may experience difficulty hearing and if you have ever been exposed to loud noises over a long period of time such as a work environment etc.  They will also ask you about any health issues in general that you may have and might contribute to hearing loss.


Once you have answered the health and hearing questions, they will perform an Ottoscopy by looking in your ears to ensure they are free of wax or any medical abnormalities. Using our state of the art equipment we will then perform Immittance Testing by putting a small earphone in your ear to evaluate the status of your eardrum and middle ear.

Audiometry and speech testing are then completed in a soundproof room where you will wear earphones and be asked to respond to a variety of beeps and repeat back words said to you. Upon completion of the hearing test, our clinicians will take the time to explain the results and provide you with recommendations based on your history, hearing test results and personal lifestyle.

For children, these steps may be a bit different but people of all ages are tested and assessed at our Oakville clinic.

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