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Hearing Services Available at This Location

Our Oakville area hearing clinic is a full-service hearing clinic for people of all ages.  We work with young children to seniors in ensuring their hearing health is always optimal.

Our Audiologist and Oakville hearing clinic staff have made it their mission to ensure that everyone who visits their clinic receives the best care possible.  Whether you need something as simple as some hearing protection or the best in hearing aids our Oakville or simply need your hearing checked they will make sure you are looked after.  Our Oakville clinic also offers the latest in technology from our audiometer and comfortable sound proof booth to ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible.

Hearing Products Available at This Location

We carry a large selection of hearing related products including hearing protection such as state of the art active noise cancelling ear plugs to eveyrthing for the hard of hearing including amplified telephones, loud alarm clocks, tinnitus relief products and more.

Hearing Aids

Unlike other heairng clinics we don’t restrict your choice of hearing aids by manufacturer.  We carry hearing aids from all the biggest global brands including Phonak, Oticon, Starkey and more.  We also carry a full range of models including behind the ear and inside the ear.  With this sort of selection we are sure to have something for everyone, regardless of their level of hearing loss, model preference and budget.  We also can help with WSIB and insurance claims, as well as financing to help make your hearing aids a reality.

Tinnitus Relief & Therapy 

Our Audiologist and hearing clinic staff understand how awful it is to live with tinnitus (also known as the ringing in the ears but can also be a buzzing sound). Tinnitus is not cureable, however our Tinnitus Therapy can help lessen the noise and impact it has on your life.  Our appointments help assess how tinnitus is impacting your hearing and with a comprehensive, wholistic approach we can recommend changes to your life, products and techniques that lessen the noise of tinnitus.

Why not visit our Oakville hearing clinic and allow our Audiologist and staff assist you with finding the right product and get your hearing back today!

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