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If you are looking to buy hearing aids in Scarborough, we are here to help.  Unlike other hearing clinics we offer hearing aids from all the major manufacturers, including all styles.  We also price match and have promotions to help lower the cost of your hearing aids. If it is determined that hearing aids might be the best solution for your hearing loss our clinician staff or you simply need to replace your existing hearing aids, our staff will work with you to find the best hearing aid for your lifestyle, needs and budget.  If needed our financing expert will assist you with affordable and flexible financing options.


At our Scarborough location, we are happy to assist you with all your hearing aid needs.  Buying a hearing can be intimidating so our staff will walk you through the large selection of manufacturers and models and styles you have to choose from.  They will ensure that the model is best for your lifestyle and needs and suited for your type of hearing loss and the other many factors that can go into which hearing aid to choose.

Once you have decided on a hearing aid they will work on programming it and usually the hearing augmentation is lower and will step up gradually over a few weeks to months so as not to overwhelm your hearing senses.  If something were ever to happen to your hearing aids then our maintenance and service packages or the warranty may apply and they will be more than happy to assist in the care, maintenance and repair of your hearing aids.

Hearing Aids For Sale


Our highly trained and knowledgeable clinicians and audiologists will help to find the best hearing aid.  There are many styles and manufacturers to choose from that make navigating the world of hearing aids confusing and overwhelming at times.  Do you want an in the canal or an invisible or a receiver-in-canal or a behind-the-ear model, or do you want Phonak, Oticon  or one of the other 10 manufacturers?  Our staff are trained to make sure you find the best type, manufacturer and model that fits your lifestyle, hearing loss and budget.

Hearing aids do range in price, you can learn more about the various hearing aid prices here.  If you are worried you may not be able to afford your hearing aids, we offer flexible and affordable financing.  Please don’t hesitate to stop by or book an appointment with our audiologist and clinician team in Toronto!

Your Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing aids are prescribed by our audiologist and this will happen once you have met with our hearing implement specialist to determine which brand, style and technology level suits you best, based on your budget.  Once they arrive at our clinic they staff will programme the hearing aids which is considered “a custom fit” to tailor the settings of the hearing aid to match your hearing loss and elevate the frequencies you have difficulty hearing.  Part of the fitting also includes the “Real Ear Measure” which is the prcoess where a small microphone is placed in your ear with the hearing aid to make sure it’s performing correctly under real world sound scenarios. Did you know that only 30% of hearing clinics perform Real Ear Measuring!  It ensures the hearing aid accurately matches your hearing loss in a real world application by measuring the sound amplified infront of a speaker which plays different hearing scenarios.

What does this mean to you and why do we go this extra step?  It means your hearing aids will be more accurate adapted to compensate to your hearing loss in real world hearing scenarios.  Think of it as the equivalent of having glasses where the lenses match your exact prescription and aren’t just a best guess of what your vision needs.  The better your hearing aids perform, the more likely you are to be happy with them and continue to use them daily.

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Hearing aids from all manufacturers are available, as well as all models and styles.