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Hearing Tests and Assessments Scarborough Office

Our Scarborough hearing team are equipped and experience to provide you, your loved ones and even children hearing tests and a full hearing assessment.  With the hearing assessment, they will be able to determine any issues you may have and recommend the best course of action.


The first step of the hearing assessments and testing to ask some questions about any hearing difficulties you may be experiencing, how well you hear conversations in noisy environments if you work in a noisy environment (with or without hearing protection, if you experience ringing in one or both ears and more.  In addition to this, you will be asked about any other health issues may have as some health issues like Diabetes and Cardiovascular Decease can impact your ability to hear.

Hearing Tests & Assessments

After the questions have been answered, our Scarborough Audiologist and Clinician team will perform an Ottoscopy by looking in your ears to ensure they are free of wax or any medical issues. After this, the hearing test will be issued using our state of the art equipment to delever an Immittance Test by putting a small earphone in your ear to evaluate the status of your eardrum and middle ear.

Audiometry and speech testing are then completed in a soundproof room where you will wear earphones and be asked to respond to a variety of beeps and repeat back words said to you. Upon completion of the hearing test, our clinicians will take the time to explain the results and provide you with recommendations based on your total hearing assessment.

For children, these steps may be a bit different but people of all ages are tested and assessed at our Oakville clinic.

Please don’t hesitate to stop by or book an appointment with our audiologist and clinician team in Oakville!

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