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Hearing health is very important to us, so much so we offer complimentary hearing assessments at all our clinics.  Studies are showing the link between hearing loss and brain health and overall health so it’s even more important to be tested and for your loved ones to be tested.

Where Can I Get a Hearing Test In Downtown Toronto?

Our downtown Toronto clinic location is able to peform hearing tests and assessments during the convenience of your work day.  Hearing tests typically take about an hour and we can have you on your way back to work. Feel free to compelte the form below and we would be more than happy to arrange an appointment time with you.  If you would like to know more about whats involved in a hearing test we have discussed this below.


We start the assessment by asking you a series of questions such as:

  • What sounds you may have trouble hearing
  • What situations you may have trouble hearing in
  • Any health conditions that could impact hearing
  • If you are exposed to loud noise
  • If you use hearing protection

Based on answers to questions like these and your hearing test our audiologist and clinical staff can have a proper idea of your hearing health.


After this, they will perform an Ottoscopy by looking in your ears to ensure they are free of wax or any medical abnormalities. Using our state of the art equipment we will then perform Immittance Testing by putting a small earphone in your ear to evaluate the status of your eardrum and middle ear.

Audiometry and speech testing are then completed in a soundproof room where you will wear earphones and be asked to respond to a variety of beeps and repeat back words said to you. Upon completion of the hearing test, our clinicians will take the time to explain the results and provide you with recommendations based on your history, hearing test results and personal lifestyle.

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