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Our Toronto area hearing clinic is conveniently located in Downtown Toronto for everyone working or located in the downtown core of Toronto.

Our location in the MCI clinic in the Royal Bank Plaza is easily accessible being direct across from Union Station and also available via the PATH system.

It is a full-service hearing clinic that can help with all the same services as our other clinics including hearing assessments, hearing aid sales and repair, ear wax treatment, and more

Toronto family hearing clinic



Some specialized services are only offered at certain clinics because of the availability of space and equipment

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Our experienced and friendly staff and modern and inviting clinic are here to make sure your visit is as comfortable as we can make it.


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Mon – Fri 9 am – 5pm Saturday – Closed Sunday – Closed

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Our clinic is connected with public transportation including the Subway & GO Train

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This location also offers a range of hearing related products including hearing protection, hearing impaired phones and alarms, in addition to hearing aids.

Hearing Aids

We partner with some of the biggest manufacturers of hearing aids including PhonakUnitronGN ResoundBernafonOticon, Starkey  and more.  We also offer the full selection of all their models including behind the ear, in the ear and receiver in the ear styles ensuring that we have something for everyone.  Our clinicians and Hearing Implement Specialists will ensure they find the best brand and model for your needs that will be based on your level of hearing loss, your desired style and of course, your budget.  We also can work with WSIB as well as insurance coverage and also offer financing options so you can have the best hearing aids at a price you can afford.

Products For An Active Downtown Toronto Lifestyle

If you walk, bike or jog in the noisy Toronto streets we have some of the latest digital hearing devices that allow you to hear outside ambient noise so you stay safe, but can still hear your streaming music.  Or perhaps you take the Go train, subway or bus home and just want some peace and quiet on the ride home but also the option to stream music, we have a device for that. Our audiologist and hearing clinic team are familiar with these devices and can find the right one for you and your lifestyle.



Are you looking for an audiologist in Toronto?  Our audiologist and clinician team in Toronto and Scarborough area of Toronto are here to help to assist you with everything to do with hearing.  Whether you need a hearing assessment or test, have trouble hearing, need an ear wax treatment or suffer from tinnitus they are here to help.  If you are bothered by the loud Toronto environment they have some excellent solutions to help reduce the noise of city living and commuting.

Audiologists aren’t just trained to provide and interpret audio metric reports, they are also trained for pediatrics, central auditory processing disorders, earwax management and other issues related to ear health and hearing.

While visiting our Toronto clinics our Audiologist and clinicians can address all your hearing concerns.  They can help to administer a hearing test and assess that test, discuss how to protect your hearing and even offer an array of hearing devices such as amplified phones, hearing impaired alarm clocks, hearing protection or fit you for the best hearing aid for your needs.



Our Audiologist and clinician team are highly experienced and knowledgeable and truly want what’s best for you.  The Toronto clinic and Scarborough Toronto area clinic are regularly involved in the community. Our downtown Toronto clinic is conveniently located and easy to access for those who commute and work downtown and for those that live downtown.

In addition to amazing staff, our hearing clinics are the only ones in Toronto and the greater Toronto area that offer you a full selection of products including hearing protection, hearing assistance products (such as TV listeners and amplified phones), quality hearables and the largest selection of hearing aids.  We pride ourselves in making sure you have every choice available in the market and if hearing aid prices are a concern we can assist with affordable and flexible financing options.

Please don’t hesitate to stop by or book an appointment with our audiologist and clinician team in Oakville!



Are you looking to buy hearing aids in Toronto, then we are here to help.  Toronto specifically is serviced by our downtown and Scarborough locations but we have other locations throughout the GTA.  Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to ensure you receive the best hearing aids and the correct style.  Our audiologist and clinician team will walk you through every step including the fitting and setup of your hearing aid.  Depending on how severe the hearing loss is we may even set up the hearing aid to improve in stages so that your brain has time to adjust to the difference. We pride ourselves in our service, care and selection that we offer those looking to purchase hearing aids in Toronto or the surrounding Toronto areas.



Our convenient downtown hearing clinic is perfect for those working int he downtown to visit for any issues they may be having with their hearing aid and also serves the large population living int he downtown Toronto area and the ONLY clinic that can offer you a complete selection of hearing aids from over 8 different manufacturers such as PhonakOticon and more.  In addition to those brands, we offer all those manufacturers different models and hearing aids by type including  invisible and in-the-canal that are discrete but powerful.


Hearing Aids For Sale




Our highly trained and knowledgeable clinicians and audiologists will help to find the best hearing aid.  There are many styles and manufacturers to choose from that make navigating the world of hearing aids confusing and overwhelming at times.  Do you want an in the canal or an invisible or a receiver-in-canal or a behind-the-ear model, or do you want Phonak, Oticon  or one of the other 10 manufacturers?  Our staff are trained to make sure you find the best type, manufacturer and model that fits your lifestyle, hearing loss and budget.

Hearing aids do range in price, you can learn more about the various hearing aid prices here.  If you are worried you may not be able to afford your hearing aids, we offer flexible and affordable financing.  Please don’t hesitate to stop by or book an appointment with our audiologist and clinician team in Toronto!


Once it’s determined that you would benefit from hearing aids and our clinicians determine, with you, the best ones the Audiologist will prescribe them to you, just like a medical prescription.  Once they arrive they will programme and custom fit the hearing aids to your specific hearing loss.   A custom fit sounds like they will be adjusting how the hearing aid fits in your ear, but it’s actually something different.  A custom fit is adapting the hearing aid to amplify the right frequencies to balance out your specific hearing loss. In addition to this custom fitting we also measure that we have the correct settings with what is called a Real Ear Measure.   Did you know that only 30% of hearing clinics perform Real Ear Measuring!  It ensures the hearing aid accurately matches your hearing loss in a real world application by measuring the sound amplified infront of a speaker which plays different hearing scenarios.

What does this mean to you and why do we go this extra step?  It means your hearing aids will be more accurate adapted to compensate to your hearing loss in real world hearing scenarios.  Think of it as the equivalent of having glasses where the lenses match your exact prescription and aren’t just a best guess of what your vision needs.  The better performance of your hearing aids ensures your are more satisified with your hearing aids and will be more likely to wear and enjoy them.  Wearing your hearing aids regularly is a large obstacle to overcome by many who are prescribed hearing aids.  If you go a prolonged time without wearing them, once you do decide to wear them again the difference in volume can be a bit overwhelming and only bolsters the decision to stop wearing them.  So ensuring you are satified with your hearing aids is critical to ensuring prolonged use and maximum benefit.