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Hearing health is very important and we believe that being tested is so important that we offer free testing and assessment for everyone.  Hearing tests and assessments are often overlooked until the problem becomes hard to live with.  We are also starting to realize that health issues can cause hearing loss including Diabetes and Cardiovascular Decease and hearing loss can also cause some health-related issues such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s.  So testing your hearing is more important than ever!

Where Can I Get a Hearing Test in Whitby?

Right here at our hearing clinic.  We are able to provide hearing tests to all ages in the Whitby area.  Feel free to complete the form below to arrange your hearing test, which typically takes about an hour.  More details about what is involved in a hearing test are outlined below.


During a hearing test and assessment at our Whitby clinic we will start by asking some questions about if you are experiencing any trouble hearing and if so what type of situations or noises are you having trouble hearing.  We’ll ask about your health in general, as discussed above some health issues can affect your hearing and we will also ask about the type of work environment you are in or if you are exposed to loud sounds or have hearing protection.


Once you have answered the health and hearing questions, they will perform an Ottoscopy by looking in your ears to ensure they are free of wax or any medical abnormalities. Using our state of the art equipment we will then perform Immittance Testing by putting a small earphone in your ear to evaluate the status of your eardrum and middle ear.

Audiometry and speech testing are then completed in a soundproof room where you will wear earphones and be asked to respond to a variety of beeps and repeat back words said to you. Upon completion of the hearing test, our clinicians will provide their assessment and explain the results and provide you with recommendations based on your history, hearing test results and personal lifestyle.

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