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Our Whitby area hearing clinic is here for all your hearing needs.  We are here for your whole family’s hearing needs utilizing the latest and most modern equipment and technology available.  Our experienced and friendly staff and modern and inviting clinic are here to make sure your visit is as comfortable as we can make it.

Our Whitby Audiologist and hearing clinic team are passionate about helping everyone achieve hearing health.  They are attentive, caring and ensure every solution is custom tailored just for you. They are also engaged with the community and aware of the number Whiby, Ajax and Pickering area workers exposed to loud working environments are here to support you thorugh hearing protection and consistant hearing monitoring to ensure it’s not impacting your hearing health.

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Some specialized services are only offered at certain clinics because of the availability of space and equipment

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Our experienced and friendly staff and modern and inviting clinic are here to make sure your visit is as comfortable as we can make it.


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Mon – Fri 9 am – 5pm Saturday – Closed Sunday – Closed

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We have ample parking available in front of our clinic, as well as throughout the Thickson Plaza. Our clients are welcome to park anywhere within the plaza. Our location is situated at the back of Marry Brown and Hero Burgers, conveniently located at the intersection of Dundas and Thickson

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In addition to hearing related services we carry a full range of hearing related products from protection to hearing aids.  This also includes products for the hard of hearing such as amplified phones and special loud or bed shaking alarm clocks.  We also offer products that can amplify sound such as TV listeners or speacial headsets and earbuds that work somewhat like  hearing aid for those that need something but aren’t quiet needing a hearing aid.

Hearing Aids

Our sole goal is to be sure you love and wear your hearing aids because hearing health equals brain health.  We also if you don’t love your hearing aid, it’s less likely you will wear it and gain the benefit of it.  Our Whitby hearing instrument specialists and clinicians are here to ensure they find the best hearing aid and hearing aid style to fit your hearing level loss, style and budget.  We offer all the biggest brands including Phonak, Starkey, Widex, Unitron and much more.  We offer their full range of styles including behind the ear and in the ear and much more.  We also work with insurance companies, WSIB as well as offer financing options to suit everyone so that you can not skimp on something so important.

Hearing Protection

For those working in the various manufacturing, industrial or construction jobs around Whitby, we have everything you need to protect your hearing including the latest in cutting-edge technology that allows you to still hear conversations while blocking out the work environment noise.  Our Audiologist and hearing clinic team are more than happy to help you find the right product for your needs and explain how it works.

Tinnitus (Ringing In Ears) Therapy and Managment

If you are suffering from tinnitus and it’s impacting your quality of life then our Tinnitus Therapy Programme can benefit you.  We take a wholistic approach to tinnitus and offer different therapies, methods and possibily even equipment that can help to make your tinnitus manageable.  You can also read more about tinnitus in our What is TinnitusCauses of Tinnitus, Tinnitus Remedies & Relief and Tinnitus Management sections.



Looking for an Audiologist in the Whitby area?  Our Whitby clinic offers the area an audiologist and clinician team here to improve the quality of your hearing and deal with any hearing related issues you may have.  They can assist with testing and assessments, ear wax treatment, fitting or repairing hearing aids or tinnitus therapy.  Our audiologists and clinician team have one focus which is your hearing health and everything they do is to help improve the quality of your life and your ability to hear.


Most don’t realize the scope of an audiologist?  They not only help in the assessment of hearing loss but also are trained for pediatrics, central auditory processing disorders, earwax management and much more.

While visiting our Whitby clinic our audiologist and clinician team are here to assist with hearing and ear related issues including administering hearing tests and physical ear examinations and providing full hearing assessments and recommendations of products and services that can improve the quality of your hearing.  A more popular service in our Whitby clinic is our Tinnitus Therapy. Sadly many workes in the Whitby, Ajax and Pickering area have been exposed to loud working environments which leads to ear damage that causes a ringing or buzzing in your ears, also known as tinnitus.  Our clinic is equiped to help with therapies and products that can reduce the effects of tinnitus.






Our Audiologist and clinician team in Whitby are experienced and well loved by the community.   They were voted the best Hearing Clinic in the 2018 Best Readers Choice Awards.  They are also heavily involved in the community with hearing based events to bring awareness and knowledge.

In addition to amazing staff, our hearing clinics are the only ones in Whitby to offer audiologist based services but also a great selection of hearing aids, hearing impaired products like amplified phones and alarm clocks and tv listening devices.  We pride ourselves in making sure you have every choice available in the market and if hearing aid prices are a concern we can assist with affordable and flexible financing options.



Right here!  We pride ourselves in providing the best selection and service around Whitby when it comes to purchasing a hearing aid.  So if you are in the market to buy a hearing aid, we are here to help! We understand it can be a bit overwhelming no knowing which style of hearing aid to choose, which manufacturer to choose or what to expect in terms of hearing aid pricing. Our Audiologist and clinician staff are here to help you figure out what hearing aid is best for you and your needs, and your budget.



There are few hearing clinics in Whitby to choose from but we are the ONLY clinic that can offer you a complete selection of hearing aids from many different manufacturers such as PhonakOticon and more. We also offer a large range of hearing aid styles such as in-the-ear and invisible as well as different models.

If you were purchasing eyeglasses you wouldn’t limit yourself to only a few manufacturers or lens types, so why do that with your hearing aids?


Hearing Aids For Sale




Our Whitby audiologist and clinician staff are here to ensure you end up with the best hearing aid, just for you.  We realize if you are unhappy with it in any way you are less likely to wear them.  This means the style has to be easy for you to handle and comfortable for you to wear, the features need to accommodate your lifestyle and the noise you experience and may or may not need to interact with your smartphone or tv.  We are here to ensure that all of this is considered when making such an important decision.

Once a choice has been made our staff will setup and program your hearing aids and walk you through everything you need to know to operate them. If you choose a service plan or while they are under warranty they are also available to assist with repairs and care of your hearing aids.


Once you and the clinicians have choosen the best hearing aid brand, style and model to suit your needs, hearing loss and budget then the audiologist will order it via prescription.  Once it arrives the clinicians and hearing implement specialist will programme it specifically for your needs, also considered “a custom fit”.  In addition to this custom fitting they will measure that we have the correct settings with what is called a Real Ear Measure.   Did you know that only 30% of hearing clinics perform Real Ear Measuring!  It ensures the hearing aid accurately matches your hearing loss in a real world application by measuring the sound amplified infront of a speaker which plays different hearing scenarios.

What does this mean to you and why do we go this extra step?  It means your hearing aids will be more accurate adapted to compensate to your hearing loss in real world hearing scenarios.  Think of it as the equivalent of having glasses where the lenses match your exact prescription and aren’t just a best guess of what your vision needs.  The better performance of your hearing aids ensures your are more satisified with your hearing aids and will be more likely to wear and enjoy them.  Wearing your hearing aids regularly is a large obstacle to overcome by many who are prescribed hearing aids.  If you go a prolonged time without wearing them, once you do decide to wear them again the difference in volume can be a bit overwhelming and only bolsters the decision to stop wearing them.  So ensuring you are satified with your hearing aids is critical to ensuring prolonged use and maximum benefit.