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Are you looking for an audiologist in the Woodbridge and Vaughan areas?  Look no further, our audiologist and clinician team in our Woodbridge clinic are here to assist you and your loved ones with their hearing needs in the entire Vaughan area. Our team can assist with hearing assessment and testing, fitting or repairing hearing aids, tinnitus therapy and more.  Our audiologists and clinician team understand the connection between hearing and your brain health and how health conditions can affect your hearing.

Most don’t realize the scope of an audiologist?  They not only help in the assessment of hearing loss but also are trained for pediatrics, central auditory processing disorders, earwax management and much more.

While visiting our Woodbridge clinic, serving the Vaughan area, our audiologist and clinician team are here to assist with hearing and ear-related issues including administering hearing tests, physical ear examinations and providing.  They also analyze the results and then recommend the products and services that can improve the quality of your hearing or your loved one’s hearing.  They also reach out to the many retirement homes and facilities in the area holding special information sessions.



Our Audiologist and clinician team in Woodbridge, serving the whole Vaughan area, are experienced and are also heavily involved in the community with hearing based events to bring awareness and knowledge.

In addition to being experienced and knowledgeable they are the are the only clinic in Woodbridge to offer a full selection of hearing aid brands, models and types including invisible, receiver-in-canal and more.  We pride ourselves in making sure you have every choice available in the market and if hearing aid prices are a concern we can assist with affordable and flexible financing options.

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