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At the heart of hearing excellence lies the passion for solving audiological problems and patient care. Our approach is patient-centric care where the needs of the patient are considered to provide the best possible personalized care.

To achieve this goal, a well-coordinated team is essential, and much like a symphony, all the pieces need to come together in perfect harmony. In our organization, clinical, client support and operations teams work together to create exceptional care and client experience. Each team is responsible for unique aspects of the clinical process, but they all share the common objective of delivering high-quality audiology care.

Clinical team

Our clinical team consists of highly trained regulated professionals, including doctors of audiology, licensed audiologists, and hearing instrument specialists. With their expertise in diagnosing and treating auditory disorders and audiology-related products, our team follows evidence-based clinical protocols. They regularly engage in learning opportunities, utilizing case studies, attending industry conferences, and taking clinical courses to stay updated. In addition, our clinicians receive regular training from equipment and device manufacturers.

If you have any questions for our knowledgeable team, please email us at with the subject line “Question for the clinical team”.

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Client Support Team

The client care team is dedicated to providing a comfortable and informed experience for our patients. They are the friendly voices you hear when you call or chat with us on our website and social media. Our highly trained client care team is here to listen to your needs and help with any non-clinical issues. They will assist you in scheduling the right appointment and provide guidance on pre and post appointment documentation. Throughout your treatment plan, they work closely with the clinical team to ensure your needs are met. Think of them as your trusted companions in our clinic.

Chat with us on our website or call us at 416.601.0200 or email us at 

We check all the messages throughout the working day and respond back to clients within a few hours. But please be patient, we will respond to you within 1-2 business days at the latest.

Operations Team

Introducing our exceptional operations team – the unsung heroes behind the scenes who work miracles. They seamlessly handle and coordinate all essential tasks, including scheduling, billing, supplies, vendor management, IT, accounting, infrastructure, marketing, human resources and pricing.

If you need us we are here, call us at 416.601.0201 or email us at 

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Our Promise to you

At our practice, we are dedicated to putting you first. We listen attentively and prioritize your goals.

We understand that your time is valuable and we respect it. With our expertise, we strive to provide you with the highest quality hearing healthcare possible. You are not just a patient to us – you are the most important member of our team. Our goal is to exceed your expectations every step of the way. When you choose us, you can expect exceptional service and an unforgettable experience. We stay up-to-date with the latest technology and treatment options to ensure the utmost professionalism and competence. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and will keep you informed about the latest advancements in hearing healthcare.

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