Our Vision

Hearing Excellence, founded by Vineeta Ojha in 2011, has been on a mission to establish a world-class destination audiology clinic in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). With extensive experience in multiple audiology clinics globally and working closely with the largest hearing aids manufacturer, Vineeta gained a profound understanding of the industry’s service gaps. Motivated by her corporate background, where she educated, supported, and trained clinicians across Canada, Vineeta recognized the clinical limitations imposed by specific clinic objectives and the overwhelming array of products available.

In response to this challenge, Vineeta envisioned Hearing Excellence as a solution that would bridge these gaps and provide a comprehensive approach to client care, offering a wide range of product options. Emphasizing the importance of technological advancements and accurate testing, all Hearing Excellence clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art testing equipment and follow world-class clinical protocols. Moreover, the clinics have access to products from leading hearing device manufacturers, ensuring tailored and effective solutions for each client’s unique requirements.

Today, Hearing Excellence stands out as one of the very few truly diagnostic clinics in Canada. With a commitment to excellence and a holistic approach to audiology services, Hearing Excellence is dedicated to delivering exceptional care and improving the quality of life for individuals with hearing challenges.

Diagnostic Audiology- ear exam of baby girl

Solving a problem:

Hearing Clinics equals Hearing Aid Shop

She was deeply concerned about the significant gaps present in the hearing health industry. Firstly, clients often perceived hearing clinics as mere hearing aid shops, which led to a erosion of trust in the treatment provided by these clinics. Consequently, while they invested in hearing aids, they rarely received the true value of their investment. The industry faces another challenge with the widespread acquisition of independent hearing clinics by enormous chains, owned by hearing aid manufacturers with the sole objective of maximizing hearing aid sales.

Faced with these issues, Vineeta set out to solve the problem by establishing a client-centered Hearing Excellence model, which was conceived a decade ago. This tried and tested model has since expanded across multiple locations, covering the entirety of the GTA.

Vineeta’s vision of creating audiology clinics dedicated to holistic hearing, as opposed to a mere focus on hearing aid sales, has been wholeheartedly embraced by the entire Hearing Excellence Team. According to Vineeta, she considers herself truly fortunate to have a team comprising highly qualified audiologists, HIS professionals, and dedicated client support personnel who are all deeply committed to the advancement of audiology.

This team serves as an exemplary model for patient-centric care, where individual patient needs are given paramount importance in order to deliver the best possible care. Vineeta recognized that each patient has unique requirements, and therefore adopted an approach that avoids a one-size-fits-all solution, ensuring the best interests of her patients are always served.

Not an ordinary audiology clinic

At Hearing Excellence, we pride ourselves on the comprehensive of services we offer. While many hearing clinics conduct basic hearing tests for hearing aid prescriptions, our focus goes beyond that. We are dedicated to providing solutions for various auditory conditions for infants, children and adults, including Hearing, Tinnitus, Hyperacusis, Dizziness, Vertigo, Balance, Noise and Auditory Processing, to better serve our community.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our investment in state-of-the-art testing equipment. This allows us to perform thorough testing, provide accurate auditory diagnoses, and create effective treatment plans. For instance, our clinics are equipped for extended high-frequency testing, which can predict future hearing loss.

But that’s not all – we go the extra mile for our clients. We offer a FREE ONLINE HEARING SCREENING, allowing anyone to assess their hearing in just a few minutes from the comfort of their own home. Additionally, we provide an ONLINE NOISE RISK EVALUATOR, which helps evaluate the impact of excessive noise on overall health and find the right solution.

Understanding that choosing the right hearing device can be overwhelming, our goal is to simplify the process for our clients. We want to ensure that everyone finds the perfect hearing device for their needs. With a vast variety of constantly evolving products on the market (around 5000 to 6000), the decision-making process can be confusing. That’s why we have streamlined the purchase process by categorizing our products into five simple categories. Through an easy-to-follow process, we can identify which category best suits each patient, making the decision-making process easier and stress-free.

dizziness, vertigo testing
infant hearing test

On a mission to make our community HearFIT!

At Hearing Excellence, we’re committed to building a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. To advance this mission we champion DEI principles, implement them in all our interactions with everyone from patients to staff.

Our goal is that our commitment helps making the Canadian community more HearFIT—or healthy, educated, empowered with equitable access for improved hearing care and solutions. We invite you to join us in this mission.

Some of our Services

At Hearing Excellence, expect fast, friendly service from any of our qualified staff members to meet your hearing health needs

Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD)

Tinnitus is a perception of ringing or buzzing in the ears or the head when no outside source is present.
Hearing Device Tune-Up is a professional service designed to optimize the performance of your existing hearing aids. Our experienced team will thoroughly clean your device, reprogram it according to your specific hearing needs, and verify that it is working as per the manufacturer’s specifications.
Are you struggling with dizziness, vertigo, or balance issues? Look no further! At our Toronto-based clinic, we specialize in cutting-edge vestibular management and assessment techniques to help you regain control and restore your quality of life.
A professional hearing test is best for those that need a hearing screening as a requirement for a job. Hearing excellence provides an all-inclusive test with all the results needed by your employer and some more.
The Comprehensive child hearing test is a holistic hearing test meant for children that tests for the listening ability, comprehensive ability, and speech intelligibility of a patient.
The Comprehensive adult hearing test is a holistic hearing test meant for adults that tests for the listening ability, comprehensive ability, and speech intelligibility of a patient.