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Hearing Excellence is Celebrating a Decade of Excellence

An over decade ago, Vineeta Ojha started Hearing Excellence. Since then, Hearing Excellence has served over 20 thousand clients and assisted thousands with complicated hearing issues.

Vineeta recalls her days in the corporate world, when she used to work with the largest hearing aid manufacturer.

Hearing clinic in Whitby

She was bothered by serious gaps in the hearing health industry. Firstly, clients were purchasing hearing aids but often were not getting the true value out of their investment.

The second challenge looming the industry was the mass acquisition of independent hearing clinics by massive hearing aid chains that were owned by the international hearing aid manufacturers.

The huge focus on selling hearing aids and lack of focus on end consumers was the problem Vineeta tried to solve.

The client or patient centered Hearing Excellence model was incubated 10 years ago. The time-tested model, since then has expanded to multiple locations covering the whole of GTA.

Vineeta’s dream of creating audiology clinics that were focused on holistic hearing not simply the sale of hearing aids is fully embraced by the whole Hearing Excellence Team.

According to Vineeta, she is truly blessed to have a team of highly qualified Audiologists, HIS and client support personnel that are committed to the hearing health industry.

The team is a role model for patient-centric care where the needs of the patient are taken into account in order to provide the best possible care.

She understood that each patient had individual needs and a one-size fits all approach would not be in the best interests of her patients.

Hearing Excellence works with all major hearing device and assistive device manufacturers to bring the widest selection of products for our clients.

We invest and partner with reputed organizations to research new protocols and develop solutions to solve Audiological issues.

“Our goal is to simplify the process so that people find the hearing device that best suits them,” says Vineeta. “Many people and not aware that there are between 5000 and 6000 products on the market that is constantly evolving. Choosing a hearing device is too confusing for the average person.

What we, at Hearing Excellence, have done, is to simplify the purchase process to the extent that we the vast variety of products into 5 simple categories.

Through a easy to follow process, we can identify which category best suits each patient. This makes the decision- making process much easier and stress free

Hearing Excellence is no ordinary hearing clinic. We are an evidence based, team centric organization. “Even though a patient might see only one audiologist, the entire team of audiologists and clinicians work together on the backend to discuss cases and brainstorm client centered solutions.  Hence our clients get a holistic care in a time efficient manner.

Another patient-centric service which differentiates Hearing Excellence from other clinics is the scope of our testing.

“Whereas the majority of hearing clinics do simple hearing tests, we have added specialized tests. One of those tests, the speech in noise test, is able to diagnose more subtle hearing issues.

This allows us to better diagnose and provide a better solution. We also have extended high frequency testing, which is a predictor of future hearing loss,” says Vineeta.

Hearing Excellence goes the extra mile by offering FREE ONLINE HEARING SCREENING. “Now anyone can screen their hearing in few minutes from the comfort of their home” and get instant online solutions for their needs.

We also added an ONLINE NOISE RISK EVALUATOR. Sometimes we do not realize the impact excessive noise has on our overall health. This tool helps you evaluate the noise risk and find the right solution for you.

In addition, Hearing Excellence offers many specialized services like Tinnitus Management, Hyperacusis Management, Earwax cleaning etc. to help people in our community.

Over the past 10 years Hearing Excellence has enjoyed tremendous success, growing from a single clinic in Burlington to clinics in Oakville, Scarborough, Toronto, Vaughan, and Whitby.

 Vineeta and her staff are proud to have served over 20,000 patients and would like to thank everyone in the community. “We owe our great success to our loyal patients.” 

Hearing Excellence has lofty plans for the next 10 years. “At present, many specialized services like vertigo, balance and dizziness are limited to hospitals and ENT’s and often the wait times for these appointments is rather long.

This adds strain to our already strained healthcare system and poses additional risks to our clients. Recently, we had that happen to a family member of one of our patients.

While waiting to see a specialist he had so many falls he needed to be hospitalized. We intend to bring more specialized services to our clinics so that people will no longer have to wait for essential services that could impact the quality of their life” says Vineeta.

Hearing Excellence is a Canadian business serving Canadians that embraces the DEI principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for everyone, patients, and staff. Join our mission and help our community be HearFIT.

To find out more or to book an appointment call us at 416-601-0201, connect with us on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, chat with is on our website

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What We offer

At Hearing Excellence, expect fast, friendly service from any of our qualified staff members to meet your hearing health needs

A professional hearing test is best for those that need a hearing screening as a requirement for a job. Hearing excellence provides an all-inclusive test with all the results needed by your employer and some more.
The Comprehensive child hearing test is a holistic hearing test meant for children that tests for the listening ability, comprehensive ability, and speech intelligibility of a patient.
The Comprehensive adult hearing test is a holistic hearing test meant for adults that tests for the listening ability, comprehensive ability, and speech intelligibility of a patient.
Book an Appointment with our licensed hearing care professionals (Audiologists) to investigate your exposure to environmental noise.
Hyperacusis is a hearing disorder that makes it hard to deal with everyday sounds. You might also hear it called sound or noise sensitivity.
Ear wax is a natural waxy secretion of the glands in our ear canals. Ear wax is meant to help protect the ear from dust, dirt, bugs and other foreign particles.
Hyperacusis is a hearing disorder that makes it hard to deal with everyday sounds. You might also hear it called sound or noise sensitivity.