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Maybe you just aren’t ready to commit to a hearing aid just yet.  There could be many reasons to feel this way, perhaps you don’t feel your hearing loss is severe enough to qualify for a hearing aid, perhaps you can’t afford it, perhaps you aren’t ready to accept it.  But you might still have trouble hearing in loud environments like a restaurant or office workspace, or perhaps you have trouble hearing softer voices or female voices or you realize you aren’t fully hearing your music and tv shows the way you used to.

No matter the reason there are 3 products that can help you out and improve your day to day hearing while being incredibly handy!


The bulkiest and not 100% practical for all day wearing they are the best for improved sound quality for music lovers.  They offer an app which does a hearing assessment and then adjusts all hearing to specifically your needs.  This backed by noise cancelling and a built in mike can make hearing phone conversations and music a fantastic experience.


Perfect for all day needs Alango’s BeHear Now headset also starts with a hearing assessment and adjusts the headset to meet your needs from improved music and phone calls to amplified conversations with noise cancelling technology.  It can even blend with outside noises to ensure you don’t miss important calls or noises from your surrounding environment.  In addition to this, it offers several advanced features like speech latency to slow down speech and can pair with a TV transmitter to give you amazing TV sound as well.


The smallest of the group it too starts with a hearing assessment and then adjusts music, phone calls and sound amplification for conversations.  It also offers noise cancellation with the speech amplification to ensure large crowded and noisy spaces don’t diminish the quality of the conversation.   Like the BeHear Now they are able to blend outside noise and are water / sweatproof which makes them ideal for those who love to exercise but need to hear some level out outside noise for safety.


Each of these 3 items have their own pros and cons when it comes to hearing aid like qualities.

No matter which you choose all three will assess your hearing and customize your hearing experience for exactly what you need.  They will assist with phone call quality and noise cancelling for music and calls.  BeHear Now and IQBuds Boost will also amplify in-person conversations with the same noise cancelling to improve conversations in crowded and noisy environments.

The main con is that no matter which option you chose they are highly visible and depending on that arent’ necessarily convenient in addition:

  • Audeara is not ideal for all day wearing but offers the most superior music quality and are best for music lovers or musicians.
  • BeHear Now has longer battery life and is better for those who will need their headset all day and will even work with your TV with a special transmitter.
  • IQBuds Boost is great for those who also exercise or want light-weight earbuds that offer 1 touch control to Siri or Google Assistant and to answering calls.

If you aren’t quite ready for hearing aids these are solutions that offer a more affordable solution for improving your hearing, but in the end would never fully replace a real hearing aid.