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Comprehensive Hearing Test

Hearing Difficulties are common. A regular hearing test is imperative to be HearFIT. In this 45- 60 minutes appointment we will conduct multiple tests to evaluate your hearing health. We will discuss the test results and provide you with an unbiased advice on potential solutions.


Extended High Frequency Hearing Test

High Frequency Test may be used for populations consisting of audiophiles who wish to know their exact hearing levels, for monitoring purposes of ototoxicity or noise induced hearing loss, and those who specifically have complaints of hearing in noise rather than experiencing general hearing difficulties to lead to more specific hearing in noise recommendations like enhanced hearing devices, personal audio.


Hyperacusis Management

Hyperacusis can be managed through various methods such as medication, devices, therapy or surgery. The first step in Hyperacusis Management is to schedule an appointment with an Audiologist for a consultation. Once you have a completed audiological assessment your Audiologist will work with you to recommend the best personalized Hyperacusis Management Plan (HMP) for you.