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VitaSound TV Listening Device / PAE-200

VitaSound TV is the TV Hearing Helper. Enjoy watching favorite shows in full digital-stereo sound without having to crank up the volume. This Personal TV Audio Enhancer comes with high-end earbuds (included), and can be personalized by using other colors, brands and styles of wired earbuds and headphones – compatible with Bose®, BeatsTM by Dr. DreTM, Apple®, Atrio® and other popular brands. Includes award winning VitaSound NC Hearing Technology.

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VitaSound Multi-Function Audio Enhancer / PAE – 300

The VitaSound All-In-One is the ultimate Hearing Helper. This multi-mode Personal Audio Enhancer is powered by patented NC AudioTM technology and provides full digital-stereo sound in all 4 modes: Watch (TV), TALK (face-to-face), Listen (cell phone), Relax (tinnitus).

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Sennheiser RS 195

Sennheiser RS 195 Wireless Headphones

RS 195 – Specialized wireless headphones. Personal and adaptable to your listening needs. With the RS 195, rediscover the pleasure of listening.

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Sennheiser Flex

Sennheiser Flex 5000 TV Transmitter

This sleek and elegant transmitter/receiver set brings Sennheiser audio expertise and leading-edge digital wireless technology to those wishing to improve their TV viewing with a personalized listening experience. With three different hearing profiles to enhance TV, movies, or music, to choose from. Plus a unique Speech Intelligibility feature that reduces TV background noise for added clarity.

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Sennheiser Set 860

Sennheiser Set 860 Assistive Listening Device

Sennheiser’s Set 860 assistive listening device delivers crystal clear, enhanced sound to users with changing hearing needs. Listening enjoyment is guaranteed with intuitive features including pre-set hearing profiles, enhanced speech clarity, and volume control for each ear. The Set 860 is effortlessly simple to set up and use.

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HearLink Plus

HearLink® PLUS Assistive Listening TV, Audio and Music Transmitter

Long-range, low latency, optical and analog wireless TV audio and music transmitter.

  • Low latency audio streaming for optimal lip sync
  • Long-range connectivity of up to ~200 feet (~60 meters)
  • Seamless operation with BeHear headsets with remote play/pause control
  • AutoON (automatic ‘power on’ if charged from the television set USB port)
  • Bypass mode enables single cable connection to an additional auxiliary speaker
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HearLink® Assistive Listening TV Transmitter

HearLink is a Bluetooth® transmitter that connects to the analog sound output found on most standard television sets and other audio devices. It sends the audio signal directly to the paired BeHear NOW headset.

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