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The Clarity D704 is part of the next generation of big button amplified cordless phones. This phone was made in mind of users with mobility, hearing, or vision issues, so that would have a very little issue making calls.

The Clarity D704 has improved from the last generation with a brighter and larger screen. Not only with many more ergonomic changes, like a backlit number pad for easier dialing during the night, but the Clarity D704 is also one of the best cordless home phones on the market.  


  • Minimizing background noises 
  • Eliminating feedback and distortion 
  • Managing soft/loud sounds to produce clarity 
  • Amplifying incoming sound up to 40 decibels or 20 times louder than a standard home phone 
  • Offering four (4) tone settings to customize your listening experience 
  • Utilizing DECT 6.0 technology for clear, interference-free communication 
  • Clear and loud speakerphone for hands-free conversations 
  • Ten (10) speed dial buttons to assign 
  • One hundred (100) name and number phonebook with ten (10) memory buttons 
  • Twenty (20) Redial memory 
  • lightweight and easy-to-grip handset 
  • Belt Clip for hands-free mobility 
  • Hear-It-Ring Clarity ringer has ten (10) loud and clear melodies plus six (6) levels of volume. 
  • Up to 5 handsets (model D704HS) 
  • large keypad and CID display light with a bright visual ringer 
  • Direct connection to assistive listening devices set (2.5mm) 

The Clarity D704 is best for the elderly or those visually, mobility or visually impaired, as the device uses large buttons that are backlit and has functions such as a loud speakerphone and an ergonomic design for easier grip.  

The Clarity D704 also is great as a regular family phone especially with kids as it is easy to discern the different numbers on the phone and the cordless amplified phone also has an easy interface to redial and called stored numbers. 

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