Comprehensive Hearing Test

Hearing Difficulties are common. A regular hearing test is imperative to be HearFIT. In this 45- 60 minutes appointment we will conduct multiple tests to evaluate your hearing health. We will discuss the test results and provide you with an unbiased advice on potential solutions.

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Regular Hearing Test are important to be HearFIT. A comprehensive hearing test usually takes between 45- 60 minutes. In this appointment, our experienced clinicians will obtain a thorough case history, discuss your hearing challenges and goals. The clinician will examine your ears to ensure they are free of wax or any medical abnormalities.  Using our state of the art equipment the clinician will then perform Immittance Testing by putting a small ear phone in your ear to evaluate the status of your eardrum and middle ear. Pure Tone Audiometry and Speech testing are then completed in a soundproof room where you will wear earphones and be asked to respond to a variety of beeps and repeat back words.

Upon completion of the hearing test, our clinicians will take the time to explain the results and provide you with unbiased recommendations based on your case history, hearing test results and your hearing needs.