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QuietOn earplugs are optimized for dental use with strong noise reduction while enabling conversations with the patients. The above chart further illustrates the peak frequency examples of common dental clinic noise sources. QuietOn earplugs work well with low frequencies and are optimal in high frequency sounds.

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The dental ANC earplugs are specifically been engineered for dental use, to reduce unwanted dental noise while still enabling conversations with the patients.

This is made sure by its small microphone and speaker that has been optimized to phase shift loud harmful dental sounds that go over 90 dB which are much more harmful to your hearing.

The Dental ANC works well to cancel low-frequency noise but has been also optimized to cancel out high-frequency sounds for a dentist.

Because of the battery life of 50 hours on a single charge, a dentist can work for a week without any worry of needing to recharge, but if you had to recharge it only takes one hour.

These earplugs also can work to help you sleep better with their noise-canceling to block out city sounds and other unwanted noises.

Overall, the dental ANC earplugs work to give you less stress with healthier hearing, which helps you give your patients a healthier smile. 


  • Small, hygienic, and easy to use 
  •  Decrease the stress level brought by continuous noise 
  •  Make it easier to focus during demanding work phases 
  •  Allow dentists to work for the whole week on a single charge with 50-hour battery life 
  •  Patients can wear the earplugs as well, for a better treatment experience 

 The dental ANC earplugs are best for a dentist or those who visit the dentist commonly.

From years of research, it has been shown that noises that go above 90 dB are harmful to our ears when exposed for large periods of time, but in the dental field, they need to use tools that make these loud noises to help clean and keep patients’ teeth healthy.

The result has been that many dentists after large periods of time have shown accelerated hearing loss as compared to others in their age group, but not only that dentists have shown more stress and irritation which could affect their work.

To solve this issue QUINTON made the dental ANC earplugs to minimize hearing loss over a long period of time and to give dentists a way to relieve the stress of working in a loud environment.