Noise Management Program

With our dynamic noise protocol program, we will make sure you are safe from the hazardous noise around you and our service can be tailored to your needs. Our tests are designed to provide a comprehensive and accurate diagnosis of the noise around you. We offer the latest technology and the most experienced clinicians in the industry.

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Hearing Excellence launches the industry first Noise Management Program to tackle the challenges associated with ever increasing noise. We live in a noisy world. The global phenomenon of ever-increasing environmental noise affects everyday lives and is one of the factors impacting general wellbeing. Noise has been diagnosed as a major cause of hearing loss, insomnia, increased stress levels and other health related problems.

Diagnostic Noise Testing can be completed in 3 stages based on your individual dynamic noise environments:

  • Appointment 1: Review of your comprehensive case history, noise risk evaluation and a complete hearing test.
  • Appointment 2: Use of a Sound Level Meter app on your phone to evaluate and record snapshots of the environment.
  • Appointment 3: Based on your noise environment and your concerns of hearingwe choose the most appropriate hearing protection and verify it.