Noise Risk Evaluator

Welcome to your Noise Risk Evaluator

Is your or your loved one’s hearing health at risk? With Hearing Excellence’s online Noise Risk Evaluator, you can determine the impact loud noise has on your life and body in the comfort and safety of your home.

The Noise Risk Evaluator is free and easy to use, but powerful and thorough enough to fully evaluate the threat posed by loud noise in various day-to-day environments. In less than 8 minutes, the Noise Risk Evaluator will collect pieces of information from your daily lifestyle and activities and provide you with an accurate diagnosis of your hearing health and, if applicable, directions on how to protect it.


What is loud noise?

We define loud noise as noise loud enough that you have to raise your voice to be heard by someone at arm's length.


What to expect after:

After you complete the evaluation, you’ll be provided with the resources and contact information necessary to receive further analysis by the Hearing Excellence team, and links to hearing tools that can lower your risk.

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