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Hearing Aids Programming Service

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Hearing Aids Programing

Why do hearing devices need to be programmed?

Hearing devices need to be maintained, updated, and adjusted periodically because of how dynamic the hearing needs of each patient are. Having hearing devices checked at least every two years allows it to be maintained with the latest software and reliable hardware. Giving the patient the same comfortable hearing device, but with an improvement for their hearing.  

What is this service and why is it important? 

This Hearing aid programming service is important because it allows for patients to have optimal use of their hearing device, allowing them to compensate for hearing loss properly. There are 4 services that allow for the audiologist to ensure the hearing device meet their patients needs. They are: 

  • Hearing device threshold calibration service  
  • Meant to calibrate a new device for patient 
  • Hearing device COMFORT service  
  • Meant to confirm comfort and Bluetooth of device, and teach patient how to maintain and clean the device 
  • Hearing device in-depth analysis service  
  • in-depth measurements of how well sound from device travels to patients’ ears which allows for optimal use of the device 
  • Hearing device diagnostic service 
  • Diagnostic tests are performed to check if device is in safety limits and working well.  

How will a client know when they need to have their hearing aids reprogrammed or need a 2nd opinion? 

The only way a client will know is if they make sure to have regular appointments with their hearing healthcare professional. 

How will a Hearing Excellence Audiologist help a client? 

Because hearing excellence is an independent clinic, we will make sure to guide patients through their hearing health journey and help them get the most out of their hearing aids. With our unbundled service fees, we also supply the best rates to for your benefit.  

What does a Hearing device programming appointment entail? 

Hearing device appointment depends on what is talked about and prepared in the initial consultation. It is important for patient to communicate with the clinician for the best use of the appointment.  

How much does it cost? 

The cost varies depending on what the appointment is for: 

  • Hearing device threshold calibration service $75 (1/2 hour to 1 hour) 
  • Hearing device in-depth analysis service $150 (1 hour) 
  • Hearing device diagnostic service $50 (1/2 hour) 
  • Hearing device COMFORT service ($100-150) (1 hour) 
  •  regular clean and check just to maintain devices $35 (1/2 hour) 

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