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What is noise? 

Noise is defined as any unwanted sound that can be perceived as loud, unpleasant, or disruptive. Noise can be produced from many different sources – speakers, a snow blower, a hair dryer, an airplane, and so on.  

Why is noise a problem? 

38 million Canadians are exposed to noise every day, but the extent of the harmful noise varies. Studies have shown those who work and live around noisy environments tend to have worse hearing loss then those who work in more quiet environments, making it a problem.  

There are two ways to describe noise: 

  • Intensity (perceived as loudness) 
  • Frequency (perceived as pitch) 

The human ear was never meant to sustain itself in intense sound environments, that is why noisy living environments are also a concern. But is there a solution? 

How can hearing loss from noise impact your health? 

Hearing loss from noise can affect your mental health and physical health in multitudes of ways. At the beginning it is not noticeable, but as your brain tries to adapt and compensate for this damage you will notice your behaviour changing, such as being more socially isolated, less engaged, and inattentive to your surroundings. The physical health impact can vary, but can range from a chronic ringing in the ears, known as tinnitus, as well as a hypersensitivity to loud sounds and even progressive auditory nerve damage if sound deprivation is longstanding. For mental health, studies have shown worsening of mental state with hearing loss, as well as a progressively increasing risk of developing dementia. How do you prevent this? 

How can I prevent or solve my exposure to noise? 

There is no way to block out all noise, and some of it is very important for sound awareness in one’s environment, but for exposure to harmful noise, hearing excellence has a solution for everyone.  

Hearing Excellence Noise Clinic 

The Hearing Excellence noise clinic is providing focused services for measuring the extent of difficulty a patient has in noise, as well as products and solutions to effectively control loud noise where needed. After years of development and research, hearing excellence has created multiple services to solve the problems caused from harmful noise listed below: 

Specialized Noise Hearing Test 

The audiologist has created a specialized hearing test for noise which can understand your personal hearing needs in crowds or in noise.  

Counselling and Consulting 

With the research the audiologist has compiled based on your history and results, they will provide a personalized consultation made to prevent and solve the negative impacts of noise on your health.  

Verification of Hearing Protection Session 

Our last and most innovative service is a verification of hearing protection session, where the audiologist uses real ear measures to verify the sound levels you are exposed to, so they can confirm the hearing protection product recommended is objectively providing adequate hearing protection or and bringing overall noise exposure down to a safe level. 

All these services together make a holistic experience that will make sure you are prepared and at protected from harmful noise. 


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