Every Ear Needs Care

Our ears work hard and they need care. Ears work round the clock, please take care of them.

Hearing Excellence is here for you and your family. Contact us if you need something as simple as ear wax cleaning or if you want to book an audiology consultation for your teenager so they can learn healthy hearing habits. Hearing Excellence Is a leading diagnostic audiology clinic for your family.

Every YEAR test your EARS

We often ignore our ears. Audiologists recommend annual audiology check-up for all ages 30 months and over. In children, a regular audiology checkup is important for language development and normal learning. In adults, it is imperative to discuss noise exposure, hearing in difficult environments with your audiologist so we can prevent future hearing loss and manage any existing audiology disorders, like hearing loss, tinnitus, noise sensitivity, balance, vertigo APD etc.

Keep your ears clean from EXCESSIVE WAX

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Our Specialized Services

We invest in learning the latest treatment/ management options and bring it to your family. Our caring staff will guide throughout your journey and our highly trained clinicians will understand, diagnose, manage and counsel your family towards being HearFIT!

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About Us

Hearing Excellence is an industry-leading evidence-based Audiology clinic.

We work hard to keep your family HearFIT. We offer standard and specialized audiology tests and treatment for your whole family.  

Our ears work 24/7 and they need care. Hearing health has a huge impact on your family’s health. Each family member has unique hearing needs, challenges, and habits. An untreated hearing issue impacts the whole family.

We spend time understanding your situation and work with you to manage your hearing health, and build lasting safe hearing habits to preserve natural hearing.  

UNBIASED advice is our promise

Hearing Excellence is a chain of independent audiology clinics.
We are not a Hearing Aid shop, but an evidence-based full-service Audiology Clinic.
Our team is passionate about making our community HearFIT! Our client centric approach coupled with advanced infrastructure and industry leading processes differentiates us from other clinics.

Our award winning team will listen to your needs and will work together to find you the best possible solution.

Join our MISSION and make our community HearFIT!