Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

  • For certain appointments (for example but not limited to wax removal or cerumen management, tinnitus management program etc.) and for custom products (for example but not limited to ear molds, noise plugs, custom musician plugs etc.), an invoice is generated and a non-refundable full payment is required prior to the appointment or product order. The invoice will include all applicable government taxes including HST.
  • We order products from different manufacturers and we get charged shipping fees. A standard $15 shipping charge plus applicable government taxes will be applied on all invoices that require our vendors to ship products to us.
  • When you consent to order new hearing devices, a $500 deposit is required at the time of placing that order.
  • It is always worthwhile to try hearing devices before you purchase. Some device manufacturers provide us with limited demo units. These demo devices are in high demand. We request all demo hearing devices to be returned to the clinic no later than 1 week, unless an extended demo period is recommended by our clinicians. Failure to return the demo devices by the specified return date, will result in the client paying the full price of the hearing device.
  • All devices that are demoed require an additional consent form that must be signed prior to the beginning of the demo period. Filling all information on the form including a valid credit card is mandatory. The form becomes null and void once the devices are returned to the clinic. In an extraordinary event, for example if the device is not returned to the clinic or is not in the original condition, the client is responsible for the full price of the hearing device.
  • We work with the majority of insurance providers. Many of our products and services are covered by government programs like ADP or other 3rd party insurance providers. Please check our website for details and ask our team for applicable funding options.
  • Hearing devices/aids are highly technical devices which require a very high level of clinical skill to program and make them work for our clients. Many hours of clinical and administrative work go into the devices before you put them in your ears for the first time. In any extraordinary situation where the hearing device has to be returned to the clinic, Hearing Excellence stands behind you and your investment is protected. We will issue a refund for the full amount minus the professional fees of $150 per device and shipping charges. Please note that the cost of ear molds is non-refundable. This minimal charge is only a portion of the handling and clinical cost associated with dealing with your hearing aid. All refunds will be processed within 4 – 6 weeks by our head office. The clients may choose to leave these funds with hearing excellence and use it towards a future purchase.
  • Our clients are responsible for full payment of all invoices, including insurers’ portions.

However, to assist our clients, HEI undertakes to apply for funding on your behalf to certain third-party insurers. In these cases, the applicable amounts may be deducted from the total owing, leaving the balance to be settled by the patient. Should the third-party insurer fail to submit the full amount owing by them, the patient remains responsible for the outstanding amount.

  • There are multiple ways to fund your hearing devices:
    • Full payment at the time of Invoice.
    • Hearing device financing. This service is provided by selected external vendors and depends on credit limit approval and carries interest charges. Please ask us for more details.
    • Short term Internal 3 months Payment Plan, which carries a non-refundable Admin Fee of $75 payed upfront on fitting day.
  • Standard Charges

Hearing Screening= Complimentary

Children Hearing Test (from 5 years – 18 years) = $55.

Adult Hearing Test= $75.

Professional Hearing Test= $55

Copy of your medical records for hearing treatment= $75.

  • All services and products provided will be accompanied by an invoice.
  • To protect your personal information, including your financial information, we take reasonable precautions and follow industry best practices to make sure it is not inappropriately lost, misused, accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed.
  • For your safety, information and regulatory requirements, you might be asked to sign additional forms, for example Wax Management Consent, Loss and Damage Consent and Release of Information Consent. Please read terms and conditions accordingly.
  • Hearing Excellence has the right to use any reviews and case stories shared by the client and can be used online and various social platforms.

NOTE: Prices are subjected to change without prior notice. Please refer to HEI Standard Price list for most upto date pricing.


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