Causes of Tinnitus - Ringing, Buzzing In One Ear or Both Ears

Causes of Tinnitus

Tinnitus can result from multiple causes. Some of the common causes are discussed below. Symptoms of tinnitus are often increased with consumption of certain foods or substances in an individual’s everyday diet. Other causes include age related and noise induced hearing loss, diseases of ear such as Meniere’s disease, increased fluid in the inner ear, impacted ear wax, teeth grinding, certain medications and physiological conditions.

Less common causes include Otosclerosis, which is a disorder that causes abnormal formation of new bone in the middle ear. It is relatively common among young women and is thought to be affected by pregnancy. Acoustic neuroma is a benign tumor and may develop on the hearing and balance nerves near the inner ear. There are other relatively rare conditions that can be diagnosed by medical tests and scans.

The link between the presence of hearing loss and tinnitus is strong, there is a correlation between the degree of hearing loss and severity of patient’s tinnitus.  Also, approximately 80% of tinnitus patients have some degree of reduction in their hearing


What Can Trigger Tinnitus?

  • Alcohol
  • Stress
  • Virus
  • Infection
  • Hearing status
  • Change in weight
  • Neck or back injury

The Good News – Tinnitus Management

No matter the impact that tinnitus may play in your life our audiologists and clinicians can help you or your loved one manage tinnitus.  There are many products and solutions that can help improve the quality of your life and dealing with tinnitus.  Why not book an appointment to allow us to assess your level of tinnitus and review your treatment options or learn more by visiting our Tinnitus Managment page – Click Here.

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