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Are you suffering from tinnitus and want to regain control? Our life-changing Tinnitus management in Toronto can help you manage your symptoms in just two months.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is characterized by clicking, hissing, ringing, and buzzing sound in the ear. It is a prevalent problem and is not a condition but a symptom of another medical problem, such as age-related deafness.

Types of tinnitus


It is the most common form of tinnitus, and in this, only you can hear the sound. This symptom is caused by problems that affect the structure of the ear, the auditory nerves, or the parts of the brain that interpret different sounds.


In objective tinnitus, the doctor may also hear the sound during the test. It is a rare condition caused by problems with blood vessels, muscles, or bones in the middle ear.

What Causes Tinnitus?

Some conditions can cause the development of tinnitus. The most common ones are:

Earwax obstruction

Severe ear obstruction can irritate the eardrum, cause deafness, and cause tinnitus.

Natural deafness

Age-related deafness, which occurs naturally around 60, is a major cause of tinnitus.

Ear bone problems

Tinnitus can develop in response to the hardening of the bones of the middle ear.

Loud noises

Extended exposure to loud noises may cause deafness, permanent damage, and tinnitus.

Tinnitus Treatment in Toronto

Different treatments are available for tinnitus relief in Toronto, including medical options and alternative therapies, depending on the cause of tinnitus.

Several new techniques are used to help people with tinnitus. Perhaps auricular therapy is the most common treatment (except for direct treatments such as earwax accumulation and obstruction removal).

Acoustic therapy uses white noise and noise stimulation therapy to “mute” unpleasant ringing and noise. Sometimes a masking device is also recommended to mute or mask some tinnitus.

Tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT)

TRT is becoming very popular nowadays, and it is also known as habituation therapy.

This remedy is to re-educate the brain to perceive tinnitus in different ways. The idea behind this treatment is that about 75% of people with tinnitus do not suffer from it because the brain processes the tinnitus and saves it as another daily noise. What TRT does is teach the brain how to handle noise.

Medication may be an option, especially if you need to treat the underlying condition and try to relieve its symptoms. However, there are no specially approved medications for the treatment of tinnitus. It can be life-changing and challenging, mainly if a chronic problem, so a doctor or hearing professional can also refer you to psychological treatment or support. A tinnitus support group can also help.

Once the underlying condition is identified, and treatment is given, prevention is critical to avoid “recurrence” and ensure health. This may include maintaining health problems, continuing treatment to support health, and learning to live with tinnitus. For more information and an appointment for therapy, visit our website or call 416-601-0201.

Hearing Excellence tinnitus treatment options

Tinnitus treatment in Toronto depends on the underlying cause of tinnitus. For example, our doctors can remove wax from damaged ears, treat blood vessel conditions, or change medications to improve symptoms. If you cannot get rid of tinnitus, you can take steps to reduce it. Hearing aids, white noise machines, and other devices can mask tinnitus for clearer hearing.

Our tinnitus management and therapy program

Many patients only choose one of the options available for Tinnitus management, resulting in little help. By recognizing the need for a therapy plan that consists of every area contributing to tinnitus, we have developed our Tinnitus Management Program (TMP).

  • Sound therapy
  • Desensitization therapy
  • Relaxation therapy
  • Cognitive behavior therapy
  • Dietary modifications

The uniqueness of our Tinnitus Management Program is that it is a combination therapy approach that takes care of your whole health, not just the ringing noise of tinnitus. According to our Audiologists and clinicians, about 70-80% of tinnitus cases are hearing-related and can be treated with sound therapy, i.e., hearing aids, sound desensitizer, and sound blending devices. But a holistic approach helps us better treat this condition.

If you suffer from tinnitus, our clinical team can help you. Our trained clinicians will perform a diagnostic tinnitus evaluation and provide appropriate recommendations based on your test results and lifestyle. After the initial diagnostic evaluation is complete, you may pursue our tinnitus management program.

  • Essential Tinnitus Management Plan
  • Advanced Tinnitus Management Plan

When should I see a doctor for Tinnitus treatment in Toronto?

Talk to your doctor if you feel tinnitus, especially if it is loud and you have difficulty sleeping or concentrating, or if you think tinnitus is pulsatile.

Your doctor may test your ears to check for a treatable root cause, or they can refer you to a hearing care professional like us.

If you are seeking Tinnitus relief in Toronto, contact us. Several treatments can help you manage your symptoms and overcome endless noise.

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