Try before you buy hearing aids

Try Before You Buy

We at Hearing Excellence, take pride in the quality of service we deliver and the impact the clinics makes in the lives of our clients.

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of care to people with hearing challenges. We believe you won’t know how much hearing devices will improve your life until you try them.

Unique to the Hearing Excellence Clinic is our Sound Escape Room (SER) where our clients get to try their hearing devices before they buy.

You will listen to the sounds of waves or chirping of birds and many other listening environments right in the office in the SER with and without your hearing devices.

You will see/hear firsthand the difference new technologies will make in your life.

Try before you buy hearing aids

Even better, we will let you a “Try before You Buy” the hearing aids that have been programmed for your hearing loss. Take them home for a specific time period for a test run. No money down, no obligations.

Try before you buy hearing aids

After you are fitted with your new hearing aids, you need to relearn how to hear again and train yourself to hear through your new hearing device.

Keeping all this in mind, our trained team will show you how your new device works with all the accessories.

When you leave our clinic you will be comfortable with your new device and well equipped to maximize your investment.