Intelligent, Machine Learning Technology

Hearing devices are now more intelligent since they are powered by machine learning technology. The latest hearing devices evolve and continue to increase in intelligence to automatically adjust to suit your needs and your environment. The hearing device is so intelligent it remembers all adjustments made to the device and applies the past usage of the device to configure the sound to ensure the hearing device operates appropriately in all environments.

Improved Sound

Many hearing device users complained said the artificial sound of their voice as a downside to the use of hearing devices. The artificial intelligence involved in the hearing device learns the user’s voice to compensate for hearing device users’ complaints. The own voice processing technology built into advanced hearing devices learns the user’s voice in a matter of seconds. Hearing takes place in real life and not just inside of a clinic or lab.

Automates Your Settings

The machine learning incorporated into hearing devices is programmed to learn the user’s preference and tailor the default settings to the behavior preferences. Machine learning technology allows users to input preferences, and the hearing device will learn and adjust automatically to the user’s preference setting based on the inputted information. This feature allows hearing devices to be custom set to the users hearing and lifestyle. The data programmed into the hearing device delivers better real-life sound in real time. 

 The machine learning technology evokes the beginning of a new era in hearing device technology—a new way of hearing and thinking.