Spatial Awareness

Spatial Awareness feature built into modern hearing devices arranges sounds in their place- earlier and pinpoints the exact location of the sound. The Spatial Awareness feature acoustically separates sounds and helps you better identify more accurately where the sound you are hearing is coming from.

Spatial awareness helps individuals using a hearing device to correctly identify the location of a sound source and allows users to communicate effectively in loud environments.  Have you ever thought about how your brain decides, which sounds to focus on in loud settings? Most individuals’ brains are performing amazing tasks with sounds—it prioritizes sounds you want to pay attention to and helps cancel out sounds that are unimportant at the time. 

Identify The Location

Auditory spatial awareness allows the brain to correctly identify the location of sound sources, thus allowing you to communicate effectively.  Hearing loss distorts sounds and can diminish spatial awareness, disorienting the individual from the sound source.

Enriches Hearing Experience

Spatial awareness enriches the hearing experience by painting a sonic picture of your environment.  Spatial hearing is unique in every person and can vary across every moment in time and environment setting.

A clinician can customize the settings on your hearing device to best fit your lifestyle and ensure the spatial awareness technology built into your hearing device is aiding you in various surroundings.