Stay Connected

Easy wireless connectivity fits seamlessly into your life. The latest hearing devices deliver a flawless transition from speaking to someone in from of you versus speaking on the phone. The new generation of hearing devices allows for direct hands-free calling, tv, and music streaming, video chat, and is compatible with android and apple products.

Wireless connectivity in a hearing device functions by streaming acoustic signals from external microphones, telephones, sound systems, and media devices. In the past listening to music while jogging or exercising, would mean, one would have to remove their hearing device before beginning on the jog or choose no music while they jog. Now with Bluetooth technology, it is possible to connect your personal devices directly to your hearing device.  Bluetooth is a wireless communication platform that allows for the transfer of data between two or more electronic devices.

Bluetooth technology uses high-frequency radio waves to transmit data without feedback, interference, or security risk. Many electronic devices are equipped with Bluetooth technology, including cell phones, laptops, tablets, game consoles, and televisions, to name a few.  Clients who purchase technology driven hearing devices can listen to the tv at their personalized, customized volume setting. Gone are the days where family members and friends argue about the volume level. With wireless streaming hearing devices, you can connect a tv streamer to the back of your home television, and every time you watch television, the volume is set to your customized listening levels. 

There are many options when seeking out hearing devices with wireless connectivity; so you can live as freely as you choose and still maintain your hearing health for years to come.